12th September 2022

10 Industrial Desks You’ll Love

industrial style office with Brunel Desk and sideboard

When you hear the word industrial, what do you think? Do you picture a cluttered office with pipes hanging from the ceiling and old-style filing cabinets? Or do you envision clean and simplistic rooms epitome of chic? The truth is that industrial design can be interpreted in more ways than one. It can encompass styles and themes from a variety of eras and influences. Today, we’re going to look at ten industrial-themed desks that are sure to inspire.

Here are ten examples of industrial-styled workstations that make your work-life more fulfilling:

1. The Architects Desk

We’re kicking things off with a classic piece that’s been around for years. The Architects Desk is an excellent example of industrial style in its purest form. The clean lines, the industrial hardware and the use of wood are all hallmarks of this timeless piece. It’s also a great example of how you can take an industrial design and give it a bit of a modern twist by using different materials, such as metal legs, instead of wooden ones.

2. The Brunel Desk

One of our best-selling designs, it’s no mystery where the inspiration for this one started. Being a Bristol-based company, we’re no strangers to the industrial engineering icon Isambard Kingdom Brunel – known for his involvement in some of the most significant engineering projects of the 19th Century, including the Great Western Railway and SS Great Britain. The Brunel Desk is a tribute to his legacy, featuring hand-finished cast iron desk legs.

3. The Brunel Corner Pedestal Desk

We’ve discussed the benefits of corner desks in a previous post; there are several advantages to opting for this type of desk, particularly their ability to work in otherwise awkward spaces. Another benefit of an l-shaped desk is that they have built-in storage to help keep your workspace organised. The Brunel Corner Pedestal Desk is another addition to our popular Brunel collection; however, this design features a steel privacy panel on both sides and our laser-cut lattice detailing, which has become synonymous with this collection.

4. The Commodore Height Adjustable Desk

We love several features about this desk; the two that stand out are the oak panelling which makes an accurate statement, and that it is height-adjustable. This means that you can set the desk at a height that suits you and your needs, making it much more comfortable. The Commodore Height Adjustable Desk is part of our military-themed products, inspired by the sea with steel panelled sides suggestive of the steel hulls of Naval ships.

5. The Grand Artisan Desk

Our entire Grand Artisan collection is a celebration of artisans, who are skilled craftworkers who make things by hand. The Grand Artisan Desk was our first desk design in this collection and had a go-to option for many customers looking for a functional and beautiful desk. This desk has a timeless design that will work well in any office or home environment.

6. The Great Western Height Adjustable Desk

One of our more recent designs and a definite show-stopper. The Great Western Height Adjustable Desk isn’t one for the faint-hearted. Featuring intricate steel and brass elements along the front & side panels, this desk is a conversation starter. The Great Western Collection is a celebration of the Great Western Railway, one of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s most celebrated inventions. If this desk couldn’t get any better, it’s also height-adjustable, designed to take your working day to the next level. Plus, each desk comes with its serial number.

7. The Kingsbridge Standing Desk

The first and only standing-only desk in our desk range. The Kingsbridge collection combines period industrial bridge design and the vitality of steampunks, and this desk is no stranger to exuberance. A standing desk may feel like a commitment, but this one is for those who don’t have time to sit down and get things done. The Kingsbridge Standing Desk is not just a desk; it’s a statement. The perfect combination of function, style and a little rebellion against the norm.

8. The Steampunk Desk

The Steampunk Desk is inspired by Victorian industrial design and aesthetics. The intricate detailing on the front of the Steampunk Desk includes valve handles, copper piping, steel radiators and laser-cut lattice panels to create a cohesive yet beautiful look. It’s the perfect desk for those who want a mix of old-world style and modern functionality without sacrificing either one.

9. The Tanker Single Pedestal Desk

Our take on this classic silhouette is bold solid, and practical, with built-in storage and a cable tray to make cable management easy. It is inspired by the traditional sheet metal American Tanker desks widely used within the military between the 1940s – 1970s. The back and side panels of the desk embrace the natural beauty of the raw polished & precise powder-coated mild steel. There’s a reason these were so popular.

10. The Workshop Desk

We’re finishing off with one of our more minimalist designs, which is part of our Workshop collection. Our company started in a simple workshop, and we are firm believers that the workshop is where the magic happens – so we pay homage to our humble roots with a collection that celebrates the simplistic beauty of the industrial design. The Workshop Desk is a place of experimentation and creation, just like the workshop. The clean lines of the desk legs make it a perfect empty canvas for whatever your day may bring.

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Paige Allison