10th March 2022

5 Benefits of a Corner Desk

SV corner tanker desk

With space at a premium in small home offices saving space is essential. Corner desks offer a little something extra than your average desk. Here are five more reasons why they’re fantastic!

Space-saving design

Due to their unique L-shape, they are great for rooms where you lack space, as they fit perfectly into the corner of the room. This clever design feature means that unused space is being utilised, giving you even more space in the rest of the room to fill with whatever ever you want!

Multipurpose = less furniture

Using a corner computer desk for your home office comes with additional benefits. The built-in storage found in many l-shaped desk designs provides you with storage at arm’s length. It eradicates the need for additional storage solutions. Take this opportunity to fill the extra space with something creative instead of needing to stack it with filing cabinets and shelving. 

The possibilities are endless

With so many different styles available, from modern to classic, there’s sure to be one that matches your home office setup. Use your desk space to maximise productivity and efficiency—no matter what it looks like.

Don’t feel restricted

We’ve all been there, where you find that you’re tight on space on your regular sized, rectangular desk – you won’t see this issue with a corner office desk as you’ll have double the distance. There are multiple ways to take advantage of having more elbow room. If it’s extra storage, you require we recommend looking at L-shaped desks with built-in storage compartments. 

They look cool.

Conversely, corner desks offer a different aesthetic than regular desks, so if you’re looking for something a bit different, then look no further. 

Our range of Corner Computer Desks consists of various styles to choose from. The Brunel Pedestal Corner Desk follows a pedestal desk and our Brunel trim. For a more minimalist design, we have The Blacksmiths Corner Desk. If you want the best of both worlds – simplistic design with storage, choose The Tanker Corner Desk.

Paige Allison