1st March 2021

5 New Ways To Use An Industrial Sideboard In Your Home

Have you considered introducing a sideboard into your home? The versatility of a humble sideboard often goes unnoticed; consisting of a combination of drawers, shelving, cupboards and a flat surface top, a sideboard works in almost every room in the house.

We’ve put together a breakdown of why we think a sideboard could be the missing piece in each room of your home.

1. Kitchen 

A sideboard is a clever storage solution, so of course, they work well in a kitchen! Use one to store cutlery, crockery and to be another surface to display any kitchen utensils or prepare food.

Our Armoury Sideboard would make the perfect addition to any kitchen, with the subtle laser-cut detail which softens the steel surface. 

2. Home office 

One great use for a sideboard is as additional storage in your home office. Use the surface for displaying ornaments or as a stand for a printer. The storage compartments are also ideal for storing files, paperwork, and stationery.

Our Brunel Sideboard was initially designed to sit alongside our Brunel Desks, but would also make a great addition to any home office space. 

3. Dining room 

Sideboards are traditionally used in dining rooms to serve food, display serving dishes, and make perfect storage for crockery and cutlery. But, why not double-up and use it as a bar as well? 

Display your favourite beverages close to your dining table, perfect for dinner parties (when these are allowed again!), or in the meantime, for your Saturday night date nights. 

Our Steampunk Sideboard would make the perfect bar, with its breathtaking industrial revolution inspired details and touches of oak throughout.

4. Living room 

Use a sideboard in the living room as a place to display trinkets and pieces from your favourite collections. The additional shelving can also be used as further storage! 

Our Lattice Sideboard would look great in any living room; the open design acts as a display stand and offers delicate lattice detailing on 3 of the four sides. 

5. Bedroom 

Fancy mixing up your storage in the bedroom? Introduce a sideboard with additional drawer space for an industrial twist on a chest of drawers.

Our Engineering Sideboard range comes with a choice of variations, which makes it the perfect choice for bedroom storage. Choose from open shelving, drawers or doors & shelving, also available in 2 different heights. 

All of our industrial sideboards are available in a range of sizes, variations and finishes to suit their surroundings. 

View our entire sideboard range here

Paige Allison