16th April 2021

5 Ways To Add The Industrial Style To Your Home

The industrial revolution is the inspiration for many industrial designs to this day, but the industrial design came much later.

Over recent years, many dis-used factories, warehouses, and mills have been turned into living spaces, with many new owners embracing the buildings’ original features, including exposed brickwork and roof structures.

In these converted spaces, statement walls have been an easy way to incorporate these features into interior design, particularly with the exposed brickwork – with some being painted white to allow for a more neutral backdrop, without removing the beauty of the original materials.

The industrial decor has been inspired by these abandoned spaces, taking elements found in old factories such as exposed pipes, stripped-back designs and raw finishes. Industrial interior design is typically minimalist featuring simple shapes and silhouettes.

Choose a neutral palette

As industrial inspiration comes from original materials, the colour palette is generally formed of neutral tones like blacks, greys and whites, and more earthy colours like copper, brown or beige shades, which help soften the overall look.

Many industrial design fans choose to pair these neutral shades with bright accent colours as they act as a clean canvas.

Don’t be afraid to mix materials & textures

Industrial design often sees the collaboration of different elements and materials, such as wood and metal (most commonly copper, iron and steel), as these are traditional materials used in the industrial revolution and the abandoned buildings we now refer to as industrial.

Pairing these harsh elements with the industrial style’s monochrome features often calls for accessories in warmer shades to soften the look.

Choose simple, sleek silhouettes

Typically industrial furniture features strong lines which take inspiration from bridges, railways and other industrial building shapes, which give a sleek appearance – many choose to pair robust, simplistic table designs with chic leather chairs to complete a contemporary space.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

The minimalist style of industrial decor allows you to have some fun with the accessories; this is where you can add pops of bright colours and different textures, fun wall art and soft furnishings; woven rugs, throws, and cushions – helping the space instantly feel more relaxed.

Lighting is key!

Lighting can completely transform a space – this is no different with the industrial style – the aesthetic calls for other metallic elements and exposed lightbulbs that compliment the raw materials beautifully.

Reclaimed vintage lighting is a common choice for industrial spaces as it looks right at home amongst all of the original features.

At Steel Vintage, we embrace industrial furniture’s beauty, using special techniques to purposely age the steel and wood to look as original as possible. We believe the materials we use are just as important as the designs and craftsmanship that goes into every piece; therefore, we powder coat all of our steel elements to preserve them and avoid rusting.

Take a look at our wide and varied range of industrial furniture and accessories to help kick-start your industrial-style journey.


Paige Allison