15th April 2020

An Inspiring Collection For Your Home Office

Working in a home office? It’s likely that you already have a suitable desk to work from (if not – take a look at our blog, Updating Your Home Office Desk, for some inspiration!) Whether you have been working from home for many years, or whether it’s a completely new experience, the environment that you are working in holds the same importance. Once you have your essentials sorted (the desk, the chair, the computer…) it’s important to equip your home office with more items that are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Why? Because having a working environment that functions well – and that inspires you – will go a long way towards improving both your productivity and the overall experience of the work that you are doing. Here at Steel Vintage, we have a great collection of furniture and accessories for your home office that are both functional and beautiful.

The Studio Paper Trays

Many of us know the struggle of trying to keep a tidy desk amidst all the papers that we need to keep organised and accessible. Important documents can be lost in a heap or hidden under coffee cups. When clutter exists in our surroundings, it can often have an affect on our minds. The Studio Paper Trays are a fantastic solution. Not only do they look great (complementing our entire product range) but they are highly functional too. Built to last a lifetime, each is made from precision laser cut and folded 1.5mm mild steel and the sets of trays are fixed together using M4 screws – ensuring the trays are very secure. The bottom tray has rubber feet to protect your desktop while the top tray includes a classic Steel Vintage badge. These trays are available in sets of 2 to 6, or you can purchase a single tray to add to your existing set.

The Studio Paper Bin

What to do when those papers are finished with? It’s not just the furniture on your desktop that you should invest in. Keeping a consistent look throughout your office, and investing in stylish pieces that will last, is what makes a home office space truly special. This is why we created our Studio Paper Bin. The handmade industrial style paper bin is the perfect way to hide unwanted rubbish and finished papers. Each bin is made from precision laser cut and folded 1.5mm mild steel. A durable and lightweight plastic bin liner is included with each bin, making emptying simple and mess-free. The bottom of the bin has rubber feet to protect your floor and, depending on your individual needs, this item is available in 6 sizes to suit your requirements.

Factory Storage Units

If you are needing a little more space for your files and essentials, you will want to invest in a sturdy and stylish storage unit. Our Factory range of storage furniture is inspired by early 20th century storage units that were built to last. By using 1.5m thick mild steel throughout our range of industrial storage, we ensure these products too will last generations. The Filing Trolley is a great mobile solution for storing and organising files with the top section designed for suspended A4 files and the lower shelf providing a practical storage space. The V1 storage unit has two different sized drawers and a lower cupboard complete with lock and key – a great solution for different types of storage. The V2 unit features four smooth running drawers, each the same size.


Whether it is a place to store your collection of books, or simply a space to display things, our Warehouse Bookcase provides the perfect solution. The minimalist design is inspired by vintage industrial storage shelving found in old warehouses and it is available in a variety of standard or bespoke sizes to suit your requirements. The steel frame is constructed from 25x25mm hollow tube with a 3mm wall thickness, and the wooden top and shelves are 25mm thick.


Steel Vintage Lattice Sideboard

We also have a fantastic range of sideboards to suit every office style, from the Brunel Sideboard from our Brunel furniture range, to the Lattice Sideboard – a stunning piece that stands alone. We are able to manufacture your sideboard unique to you, in a size that is perfect for your own office. 

All of your home office furniture in one place

You can find all of these home office solutions and more within our full range of vintage, industrial furniture. Designed with style and longevity in mind, our industrial furniture range is original and unique to us. Each new design is founded on a traditional vintage industrial style while ensuring modern functionality. Discover what Steel Vintage can do for your home office today!

Jon Ball