27th January 2021

Are You Sleeping Sustainably? Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Beds

Bed Covers

There is no time to cut corners when investing in a new bed. With plummeting night-time temperatures and more time spent home-bound, it’s no surprise that your google search bar is flooded with cloud-diving duvets and overpriced decor cushions. 

The majority of us tend to spend approximately one-third of our time in bedrooms every night sleeping, so it’s only natural to want that time spent wisely. Purchasing a piece of furniture shouldn’t cost the earth, and if you have made the decision to ‘go green’ and looking to attain an environmentally-friendly bed for your home, then look no further, we’re here to help. Anyway, enough pillow talk, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – why go sustainable?

The impact of global warming has affected livelihoods, natural ecosystems on par with wildlife inhabitant and to our dismay, sadly the production of furniture is partly to blame. Aside from burning fossil fuels, deforestation ranks second in being one of the leading causes of climate change. With fewer trees to help extinguish carbon dioxide from the air, our planet is inevitably continuing to suffocate. Here at Steel Vintage, we believe it is our responsibility to make industrial furniture that sits beneath the green-collar, which is why we vow to ‘give back’. 

But how does the ‘give back‘ process work? 

Rooting for a more sustainable way of living, we make sure that we will plant a tree in the Amazon to help offset CO2 emissions and restore failing forests for every product made in-house. Proudly, Steel Vintage has been 100% carbon neutral since 2011 and where possible, source raw materials and consumable products from sustainable suppliers that contribute to the making of our high-standard, industrial furniture. Eco-phrases such as “fair-trade”, “organic”, “vegan” have become so ingrained in our social dialect that consumers are increasingly now looking for products that have a low impact on the environment.

We are all conscious to know where our food comes from, so why should our furniture be different? Opting for a bed that has been made from locally-sourced materials, you’ll probably want to know more about the behind-the-scenes process. As stated in the name, steel is our most used metal in our industrial beds’ production. Steel has an extremely high overall recycling rate, making it the most recycled material on the planet, which thankfully for us, means that any waste produced by our manufacturing process is carefully sorted and recycled to help avoid landfill. Our steel is then polished and finished with a dry powder coat with a low environmental impact, unlike traditional solvent-based wet paint. Powder coating is considered a “green” technology compared to painting and produces far less hazardous waste, benefiting not only the environment but employees’ health also. 

Our newly introduced Sixty Sixty Bedroom range is made of 60x70mm box section steel. The metal slats – that sit beneath the mattress – offer much more of a robust solution than ‘the standard bed’ due to the metal’s hardwearing properties. Another advantage of the slats is that they cleverly lock in place, which avoids the classic bed error of sliding around under the mattress. The Sixty Sixty range‘s contemporary design includes a precision laser cut and folded head and foot-board that is industrial, elegant, and of course, environmentally-friendly.

The movement to live sustainably is not just a temporary trend. It is essential for the future of our ecosystem and for the generations to come. Let’s just say; you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing you’ve invested in not only a high-quality, well-made bed that lasts a lifetime, but saving the planet whilst doing so. Why not join us and wear your ‘green’ credentials proudly.

Our whole industrial bed range consists of 5 different bed styles, each with a mild steel frame. Versions 1-4 feature laser-cut detailing on the head and footboards, V5 is the perfect mix of steel and wood – with the choice of oak or walnut and your choice of distressing. Each bed is fully constructed in our workshop before dispatch and is delivered ready to install.

Take a look at the range in detail here.

Paige Allison