24th December 2019

Bring Luxury to Your Office with the Brunel Range

In recent years, the office as a workplace has evolved from just functional space into an experience. It’s no longer just a place to turn up, do your duties and go home. It is a place to experience your work – a place to live life while you work. Nowadays, it’s about the environment that you are working in and how it promotes productivity and employee satisfaction. Whether a staff member, a visitor or a client, you want your office to make an impression and make an impact.

But where do you start and what can you do to get the most out of your workspace? I’m sure you’ll agree that the most essential part of any office is furniture. Desks, tables, seating, storage space – an office simply can’t function without them. So how can you use this basic essential to transform your workplace environment? Our answer: luxury.

Luxury furniture is far more than just an object that functions really well. Luxury furniture is inspiring, engaging, and impressive. Luxury furniture incorporates excellent design and great functionality, both working together to make a statement and build an atmosphere. You get to decide how people experience your workplace: their first impressions and their ongoing encounters. With all of your office furniture working together in harmony, the workspace will come together to create a consistent and clean environment, making it an enjoyable place to be.

Our Brunel range defines luxury furniture perfectly. From the boardroom to the coffee room, there are pieces in this range to suit every office need. The elegantly crafted features make it a truly remarkable collection of industrial furniture paying homage to an inspiring engineering icon. Isambard Kingdom Brunel is arguably the most famous engineer to have lived, having worked on many innovative projects including railways, bridges and ships. His designs were truly revolutionary, and so we’ve tried to make our Brunel Range equally groundbreaking. 

Please take a look at the full range below, and head over to our Planet 13 case study to see the range Brunel in action.

Jon Ball