14th September 2022

Brunel vs Steampunk: The Battle of the Collections


It’s a common point of discussion in our office, are you team Brunel or team Steampunk? Two of our best-selling collections, both works of industrial genius but very different in style.

Brunel or Steampunk? Which historical design style is better and why? These two designs have very different opinions about the past. Brunel would instead build on the history, yet Steampunk greatly appreciates Victorian-era design. Let’s go over both styles to find a better understanding.


Brunel has become a statement collection for us over the years; not only is it the largest of our collections, but it has also proven most popular among our customers. Inspired by the industrial works of iconic engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this collection is more traditional, using cast iron ‘Brunel’ branded legs and classic table rim design. As a Bristol-based company, we are surrounded by his work, from Clifton Suspension Bridge to Temple Meads Train Station, so we felt it was important to honour this in one of our earlier collections.

There are many elements in this collection that are instantly recognisable as being influenced by pieces of Brunel’s works, such as the arch underneath the Brunel Table, Coffee Table & Desk, and the traditional methods of industrial engineering which would have been used in the 1800s.


The Steampunk collection features elements from the steampunk genre often found in sci-fi books and films, described as a science fiction genre with a historical setting that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. However, we wanted to create a collection representative of the Industrial Revolution and its impact on society. This is why we chose to use steel, and brass, which have become synonymous with the era. The more traditional manufacturing processes (such as hand rolling) were also used to ensure that each piece of furniture was unique and bespoke.

As the name suggests, steam is an essential element of this style which is evident in the details of our collection, such as the valve, copper piping and pistons.

Which team are you? Brunel – with its timeless, versatile design, or Steampunk – with its exuberance and style.

Can’t decide? Discover more about both collections here.

Paige Allison