Luxury industrial office furniture for Feed Factors

After an initial phone conversation with our client, who explained that they were looking for luxury industrial office furniture, they decided to visit our workshop to see the furniture for themselves.

Having seen a range of examples in our showroom their requirements were discussed and products were chosen accordingly. Large bespoke modular office desks were required for the staff along with storage, filing cabinets, a canteen table, a bespoke corner desk, a coffee table, garden table with seating and a unique boardroom table.

Every piece for this project was designed from scratch ensuring we fulfilled all of the clients specific requirements.

Items ordered:
7 off 2000x2000mm ‘Modular Workshop’ office desks
6 off 2000x400mm ‘Lattice’ storage units
16 off 450x450mm ‘Modular Workshop’ 3 drawer units

1 off 3000x1000mm ‘Pilot’ meeting tables
1 off 2250x1000mm ‘Commodore’ corner desk
1 off 2000x1000mm ‘Studio’ kitchen table

1 off 2500x800mm ‘Construction’ garden tables
2 off 2500x400mm ‘Construction’ garden benches
1 off 1200x800mm ‘Science Lab’ coffee table

1 off 1550x800mm ‘Armoury’ sideboard
1 off 775x800mm ‘Armoury’ sideboard
1 off bespoke bonsai display table

1 off bespoke drinks cabinet

The customer:
Feed Factors Ltd is a privately owned company involved in the trading, importing and distribution of agricultural commodities for human and animal consumption.

Customer name:

Feed Factors




July 2015

The Pilot Table by Steel Vintage - luxury industrial office furniture
Steel Vintage furniture used in FeedFactors offices in the UK
The Construction Table by Steel Vintage
Science Lab Coffee Table with glass top by Steel Vintage
Commodore Desk by Steel Vintage
The Studio Table by Steel Vintage - unique industrial furniture
Industrial 3 Drawer Unit by Steel Vintage
Steel Vintage furniture used in FeedFactors offices in the UK


“We were looking for bespoke luxury industrial office furniture that had a wow factor. Steel Vintage delivered a first class product and customer service. Highly recommended”

J. Hopkinson