Bespoke modular office desks for Sideshow

For this project the client required bespoke modular office desks that would not only provide a flexible workspace solution but also allowed for easy installation.

With their office being on the 7th floor the desks were designed to fit nicely into the lift avoiding nearly 3000kg of furniture needing to be carried up the stairs.

The desks themselves had light Oak tops and our raw polished steel finish which proved to be a great combination. Each desk came with cable management allowing for an easy integration of computers and other IT equipment.

Along with desks the customer had a couple of end storage units which are perfect for storing files or displaying items such as books. We also supplied a stunning table for their meeting room.

18 off 1400x1400mm ‘Modular Workshop’ office desks
2 off 1400x400mm ‘Modular Workshop’ storage units
1 off 2500x1100mm ‘Blacksmiths’ meeting table

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August 2015

modular office desks
modular office desks
modular office desks
Steel Vintage Blacksmith table l modular office desks


“Thanks so much! It looks amazing! Really pleased with everything! The bespoke modular office desks were the perfect solution to our requirements.”

T. Hill