Modular Workshop office desks for Publicis London

Working with the furniture supply company Wellworking we designed and manufactured new modular industrial office desks to the clients specification.

Natural Oak plank tops were paired with the handmade raw polished steel frames and legs to produce a sleek minimalist industrial look.

Top access cable trays were incorporated into every desk which allowed them to hide 4-way extension leads and wires.

Delivery and installation was completed throughout two floors during the weekend. This enabled them to remove their existing furniture and install ours without disruption to their normal operating hours.

In total we produced 66 modular workshop desks suitable for 132 staff.

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Items ordered:
66 off 1400x1200mm Modular Workshop desks

The customer:
Publicis are an international award winning multidisciplinary marketing agency.

Customer name:





August 2016

Steel Vintage furniture being used in Publicis UK offices
Steel Vintage furniture being used in Publicis UK offices


“initial feedback from the client has been extremely positive.”

Tommy (Wellworking)