Bespoke industrial dining tables for Michelin Star restaurant in Bristol

This project was an amazing experience for the whole of the Steel Vintage team. It all started in the summer of 2015 when we were approached by brothers Peter and Jonray. They were looking for a furniture company who could help produce a number of bespoke industrial dining tables for a new restaurant that they would be opening in January 2016.

The location for their new business venture was the Grade II listed building of the former Bristol General Hospital situated on the harbour side in central Bristol. This incredible period building oozed character and was the perfect choice for the ambitious restaurant owners who had already gained a Michelin Star at their original family run restaurant.

A building with this much history and architectural prominence was the perfect canvas for the Casamia family to make their mark. With an emphasis on producing a seasonal menu that is experienced with all the senses (taste, sight, hearing smell and touch) they visualised a high-end neutral interior decor that would not compete with the food but rather compliment it. Exposed stone walls, soft shades of grey and white with natural materials like solid wood and wool were mixed beautifully to create a comforting and almost homely ambience that allows the customer to feel relaxed and experience an incredible menu.

Steel Vintage | Case Study - Casamia | Industrial Dining tables
Steel Vintage | Case Study - Casamia | Industrial Dining tables

Customer Testimonial

“Working with Jon, his family and their team at Steel Vintage has been brilliant. We can be very difficult customers, with tight deadlines and specific ideas but it seemed Steel Vintage were up for the challenge. Their professionalism and workmanship is second to none, but it’s their dedication to get the job right, no matter what it takes, that really impressed us. We feel really lucky to have such a business in Bristol!”

Peter Sanchez-Iglesias, Casamia

Steel Vintage | Case Study - Casamia | Industrial Dining tables
Steel Vintage | Case Study - Casamia | Industrial Dining tables

When choosing their tables they knew this would be a key feature of the restaurant. They had seen the work we had produced for other projects on our website and believed that the combination of steel and oak would be perfect for their luxury industrial style restaurant.

Round oak table tops were chosen and we designed a bespoke industrial dining table base that incorporated an over-engineered central steel column. With the oak finished in light grey this complimented the polished steel perfectly. The round industrial dining tables, later named the General’s table, were designed for 2 and 4 people whilst the impressive 3m long Artisan table was produced to cater for larger groups.

Along with the industrial dining tables we produced a round Studio display table that is positioned in the main entrance to show examples of the seasonal food produce used in the menu.

The restaurant also has a customer waiting area where we designed and produced a large 4 seater sofa with 2 matching lounge chairs which we named the Warehouse seating range. These were upholstered in a light grey wool fabric to compliment the grey oak and polished steel frames. Three matching Artisan coffee tables were also chosen along with two Warehouse side tables.

It was great to work closely with a Bristol based family business like ours. They believed in our company and the quality of our products. The end result was an impressive range of high-end bespoke industrial furniture that is built to last a lifetime and a happy customer who plans to work with us again on two forthcoming restaurant projects later in the year.