Customer Testimonial

"Extremely happy with the style, quality, and cost of the products we purchased for our project."

Mary O'Reilly (Office Manager)


Our working relationship with Coyle’s has been ongoing for many years, having previously provided a selection of industrial furniture for Chris Coyle’s home.

So, when they came to us with the proposal for one of their offices, of course, we said yes!

Their brief was to provide furniture for an entire office of around 60 employees, with the overall style being light and airy. 

It was important to Chris and ourselves that we provided high-quality furniture, which suited its environment but most importantly was functional – with the employees wellbeing and productivity being essential factors. 

It was evident early on that this would be a project that allowed us to design custom pieces to meet their requirements. Not only that, but the project allowed us to step away from our regular ‘Steel Vintage’ aesthetic of raw polished steel to a more minimalist satin white finish.

We were tasked with designing the floor plan for their central London office; a considerable amount of work was put in to ensure each employee had their own space whilst also utilising the space available. 

We provided a mix of regular 6-person and single height-adjustable desks in the floor plan. The shared, 6-person desks feature a leg design that was inspired by the Boathouse Table taken from our One House collection. At the end of each row of desks, we added custom sideboards for storage. Inspiration for these came from our Engineering Sideboard range; however, wooden panels were added to each door to match the surrounding furniture. 

In addition to providing the desks for the employees, we were also asked to design bespoke tables for their meeting rooms, canteen and seated area. Each table required a custom design to suit their requirements – the high bar table especially was an entirely bespoke item. 

Throughout the process, we were in regular contact with Mary, the office manager, from initial enquiry to installation as we wanted to ensure that each design change met their requirements. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with Coyle Personnel, and we look forward to working together in the future.