Steel Vintage Brunel table in situ Focus on Design

Customer Testimonial

"If you’re looking for something that is a real talking point, but beyond just the design, the quality, the longevity, the enthusiasm from Steel Vintage’s point of view, and their willingness to adjust, to tweak, to change, or to come up with something new, I haven’t found that anywhere else during our enquiries over furniture."

Jon Stanley (Managing Director)

Steel Vintage Lattice sideboard in situ Focus on Design

Focus on Design is an architectural and urban design company, based in Bristol. As a design practice, it was important that the office mirrored the business in terms of design, quality and the overall feel of the office.

Following a visit to our showroom and workshop, Jon loved that he was able to witness the transition from raw materials and basic components to the completed designs.

“You get to walk through the nuts and bolts and the bits of steel and you see the basic components and what comes out the other side is something amazing from the raw material. Then you see how it’s finished, the amount of care and attention that’s put into it, to me it’s timeless – If you’re going to invest in furniture of this quality it needs to be timeless.”

Due to the scale and detail required for a project of this size, it was important for everyone involved that we could work collaboratively with Focus on Design to ensure that each piece of furniture didn’t only look great or was of high quality, but that they were functional.

It was important to Jon that they had one of each of our signature tables at the time; The Brunel Table, Steampunk Round Table and Pilot Coffee Table. Each carefully selected for their functionality in the rooms required.

With a team of around 30 people, the desks were an essential part of the project, The Grand Artisan Desks proved to be a favourite, so we set to work on ensuring the correct number of desks for their employees. In the end, a variety of different desk sizes were selected, particularly a 3 person option for the administration office and 5 x 4 person desks for the main office.

In addition to a bespoke desk in the administration office, we also worked with Jon to ensure the Workshop Cupboards and Workshop Filing Cabinets would provide enough space for their numerous files.

Jon worked with Tom on the bespoke Workshop Kitchen design for their cafeteria area, which although it looks simple, required complex planning to allow for an integrated fridge and adequate space for coffee machines.

We also worked with Jon to design a bespoke Lattice Sideboard for additional storage, which compliments the rest of the Steel Vintage furniture in their office.

Watch the full testimonial video here to see all of our furniture in situ and hear from Jon Stanley himself.