The Kingsbridge Standing Desk

Customer Testimonial

"The new-look office has been a huge success and everyone is blown away by the furniture. An absolute pleasure working with Steel Vintage."

Gary (Managing Director)


Langstone Engineering is a specialist tooling and precision engineering company. As designers and manufacturers of high-quality components for industries including F1 Motorsport, Aeronautical, Marine & Defence when looking for new office furniture they wanted something to reflect their own high standards.

After visiting our showroom in Bristol, Gary was very impressed with everything he saw and so we started working on their list of requirements. The Brunel design was a firm favourite, especially as Portsmouth is the birthplace of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and so this became the core of the project styling. Along with a Brunel Pedestal Desk, Brunel Sideboard and some Brunel 3 Drawer Units they also required a couple of four-person desks and so a bespoke Brunel Bench Desk was designed.

Whilst visiting our workshop Gary noticed our Kingsbridge table in production and asked if we could use this as a basis to build a standing Kingsbridge Desk. Of course, we accepted the challenge and another brand new product was added to our range with Gary owning the very first one.

The Steampunk Desk was another firm favourite and so this was also added to the list along with a Brunel Coffee Table, an Engineering Sideboard, a pair of Brunel Pet Beds for his dogs, a pair of Brunel Glass Boards plus a Waste Bin and Paper Tray for each employee.

Gary and the rest of the team love their new office furniture and it compliments the industrial engineering theme on show throughout their office and workshop.

Looking forward we are now working with Gary to produce a Brunel Office Chair to help complete the look.