SV Customer testimonial Brunel Coffee Tables V2

Customer Testimonial

"We are enjoying our tables and cannot take our eyes off them. Thank you for your excellent service."



Towards the end of 2020, Sohail got in touch with us, having been on the hunt for some coffee tables for this fantastic room for around three years – having had no luck elsewhere. He stumbled across an image of our Brunel Table on Pinterest and was blown away, so he got in touch with our sales team.

Our new Brunel Coffee Table V2 was just what he had in mind, so our designers worked with him on the dimensions, particularly for the bigger versions, which required a slight redesign from the original design.

The Brunel Display Cabinet was another new product that our designers were able to work with Sohail to complete; it couldn’t look more at home than in the corner of this grand room!

Having completed the order to Sohail’s specifications, we delivered and installed each piece in his home just outside Greater Manchester in November 2020. As he had been able to enjoy his furniture for a few months, we decided to get in touch with him and asked him a few questions about how he found the ordering process with us.

How did you find the order process with Steel Vintage?

Your order process was very professional; I requested some changes to the order which you kindly made – the changes were very clever and in-keeping with the original design, especially the Brunel Display Cabinet.

Did you feel like you were kept up to date from order placement to delivery?

Yes, I was well informed and updated.

How did you find the delivery process?

Very professional, before I placed the order, you made sure there would be no issues with access.

Would you order from Steel Vintage again, and would you recommend us to a friend?

Yes, definitely, 100%.