5th January 2023

Designs Made To Be Mixed & Matched

Industrial-style furniture should be easy to pair, so you don’t have to worry about getting new bedroom furniture or living room furniture every time you move. Our collections naturally look great next to each other in any environment. 

Mixing and matching furniture is a great way to get the most out of your space, and it adds to the magic when you can mix and match different collections from our vast furniture range.

If you’re wondering how to do it, here are some easy tips:

1. Start with a base. What kind of room are you trying to create? Do you want the look of a formal dining room or an inviting study? Once you’ve settled on a vibe, pick a collection that will fit in well with your overall vision and start there.

2. Think about scale. The size and shape of your room will affect which pieces look right together (and which don’t). For example, if your space is large enough for an expansive table but your chairs are on the smaller side, try pairing them with cushions or pillows for extra comfort and visual interest!

3. If you need help deciding which collections to mix and match, start with what you consider your show-stopping piece. Choosing a focal point for your room allows you to build around it; more often than not, this piece is the most intricately detailed, with surrounding elements more muted – so as not to steal the show. 

4. Remember, you don’t need to live in a converted loft space to make the most of industrial-style pieces. Our furniture can look just as good in an ultra-modern home as it would in an industrial building. 

Here are some combinations we love:

Brunel & Engineering 

There’s no doubt the Brunel collection is one of our favourites. It’s not just because it looks great, but because it has many uses. This collection includes desks, tables and storage units, which create your own personalised dining space or office. The pieces have a distinctly industrial feel thanks to their metal frames and distressed wood tops – perfect for anyone who loves that industrial look. The Engineering collection complements it perfectly with its muted, industrial feel. Our kitchen ranges are the perfect example of this – mixing & matching the units creates the ideal combination of function over form. Not too much fuss, but just enough elevation to make it unique. 

Great Western & Brunel 

It’s no surprise that these two make the perfect match. Isambard Kingdom Brunel heavily influenced both, making them siblings in the Steel Vintage furniture world. Where the Brunel collection may seem extravagant when sat next to other pieces, next to the Great Western collection, it takes on the role of the more traditional, more reserved brother. The Great Western collection combines classic styles with an edgy feel.

Engineering & Grand Artisan 

If you’re looking for a more traditional style, fewer bells & whistles, just excellent quality, classic silhouettes, opt for the reliability of the Engineering collection. The collection is inspired by the industrial age and the artisans that helped shape it. The lines of this collection are clean, sharp & minimalistic whilst maintaining a sense of elegance. The Grand Artisan collection is an extension of the Engineering collection but utilises laser-cut practices to create lattice panels which create more organic shapes. This makes for a more laid-back approach to classic designs with a modern twist.

Armoury & Machinery

Our most recent kitchen designs were finally brought to life for a bespoke kitchen design for a customer. It was our first opportunity to combine these two collections, and we love the result. The Armoury collection has always been a personal favourite; the subtle details are a nod to military motifs, combined with the rivets – creating an aesthetically pleasing yet simple look. The Machinery collection first appeared as a bespoke shoe cupboard which naturally called for vented panels; for this reason, it makes a great kitchen design. Together they form a kitchen that looks like it was designed that way – if you’re a fan of the understated look, this is the design for you. 

Steampunk & Steampunk?

We’ve seen our Steampunk collection paired with a range of other pieces, from Engineering or Brunel to Great Western or Kingsbridge. The beauty of the Steampunk collection is that it can hold its own in any environment, surrounded by a range of different styles. Our favourite, however, may be a totally Steampunk room. The genre itself calls for exuberance in the form of quirky details and unique accessories, so if you’re more of a Steampunk fan, let us know what you’re pairing yours with. 

Paige Allison