14th September 2020

Enhance Your Office Desk With Our Studio Accessories

Office Accessories

Steel Vintage is proud to introduce our range of Studio Office Accessories. We are passionate about crafting furniture than not only functions well, but that leaves a beautiful, lasting impression too. This same dedication has carried over into this new collection of office desk additions.

We understand that creating an office environment you love will go a long way towards boosting your overall productivity levels. Whether you work as part of a team or at home alone, the look and feel of where you work can make or break the success of your day. In this new collection, we have combined ultimate functionality with our signature industrial style to create stunning pieces that will enhance your working environment. Read on as we explore each item in more detail.

Phone Stand & Tablet Stand

In the fast pace of working life, having multiple devices available to us can help us to be as efficient as possible. For many, it’s our mobile phone for making or taking important calls. For others, it might be an electronic tablet that will keep essential information readily accessible. We developed our Mobile Phone Stand and our Tablet Stand to make this accessibility possible. Each unique, one piece stand is formed from a single piece of 2mm hot rolled mild steel and is designed to suit the majority of popular mobile phone and tablet models. The stand enables you to have easy access to your devices with the design positioning your device at a comfortable viewing angle. Each also comes with a stylus holder for further functionality, rubber feet to protect your surfaces, and each is finished with our signature Steel Vintage badge.

Shop our Mobile Phone Stand for £39.00 or our Tablet Stand for £66.00

Pen Tidy

Although much of office life has now been taken digitally, having pens and other stationery at hand does still come in useful a lot of the time, especially if handwritten jottings are your daily go-to. To save any pens, pencils, or other handy instruments from getting lost under papers or falling off the desk, a pen tidy provides the perfect solution. Available in three sizes; small, medium and large – each provides a useful amount of compartments, according to your needs, with an extra front tray as an added benefit to the large model.

Shop our Pen Tidy from £66.00

Headphone Stand

Whether you use them for motivational music to keep you on track, or for the all-important Zoom calls that we have become so accustomed to, having a pair of headphones on your desk really does come in handy. Our Headphone Stand turns this accessory storage into art. When not in use, this stunning design allows your headphones to be on full display whilst being neatly stored in an upright position. Each stand is made from precision laser cut and folded mild steel, with rubber feet on the bottom to protect your surfaces.

Shop our Headphone Stand for £95.00


Sat on your bookcase or as an addition to your desktop, the Studio Bookends bring both support and style to your book collection. Each bookend is made from precision laser cut and folded 5mm mild steel, again with rubber feet to save your surfaces from scratches. Next time you need a break or need a little bit of inspiration, you’ll know exactly where to go and won’t need to dig your books out from under a pile of coffee cups!

Shop our Bookends from £90.00

Business Card Display Stand

If you often have clients visiting your office or hold regular meetings at your desk, having your business cards conveniently accessible will be essential. Even when topping up your on-the-go supply, having them in a place to grab will make life a little easier. Our business card display stand is a perfectly compact and stylish home for your business cards, putting them on full display and ensuring easy access for your and your clients.

Shop our Business Card Display Stand for £50.00


Work with a lot of loose papers? A paperweight will prove a useful addition on your desk. Not only will it save papers from flying across your room when you prop the window open, a paperweight can keep your most important documents from going astray, keeping them exactly where you need them. Don’t have a lot of paperwork? This piece can simply serve as a stunning desktop ornament too. Each paperweight is made from precision laser cut and folded 1.5mm mild steel with rubber feet to keep your desk free from scratches and scuffs.

Shop our Paperweight for £50.00

Shop all of these pieces and more through our speciality store, Industrial Home, where you will find a carefully selected range of industrial furniture and accessories chosen specifically for the modern home. For more office furniture inspiration, take a look at our previous blog “An Inspiring Collection for your Home Office”.

Jon Ball