Bespoke Services

Over the years we have established a very solid and expansive range of standard products. These are all available in a variety of sizes, finishes and optional extras. This generally means that no two items are exactly alike as there are so many permutations. However, if none of our existing products quite fit your requirements then there is always the option of commissioning a completely bespoke piece.

Quite often we find that a new product can simply be a mixture of features from our existing range. For instance we could take the leg design from a dining table along with a set of drawers from a cabinet and produce a bed with matching side cabinets.

For a totally bespoke product we can work from your brief. This could be a simple pencil sketch with some key details such as dimensions or it could be a detailed CAD drawing.

After receiving the brief we can produce a quotation which would include a fee for the design work, the manufacturing and the delivery. If the project is very complex a ‘ball park’ figure might initially be provided to help establish if the project is viable or not. If you choose to progress forward then we will produce a design proposal and a more formal quotation for the work involved.

If you are happy with this then an order is placed and a deposit taken. We will then work with you to produce a fully working 3D CAD model of the product. Either renders or technical drawings will be produced to help refine the design until you are happy. After approval the set of manufacturing drawings are produced and your order goes into production. Typically this whole process can take from 8-10 weeks depending on the size of the project and our production lead time.