Below are a list of common questions and answers

Who are Steel VIntage?

Steel Vintage was started in 2009 by brothers Jon and Martin. It is now a family run business. Read more on our About page.

Where are we based?

Steel Vintage has a workshop and showroom based in Thornbury, Bristol (UK).

Do you have a shop or showroom?

We have a showroom at our premises where a selection of items can be viewed.

Do you design and make the furniture?

All products are designed and manufactured by the team at Steel Vintage. We also outsource some processes, such as upholstery, to local companies who share our passion for creating quality products.

Do you sell any imported products?

No, all products are designed and built by Steel Vintage.

What is 'Vintage Industrial Furniture'?

The term ‘Vintage Industrial Furniture’ describes furniture that was originally intended for commercial use (generally from the early 20th century) or modern made furniture that is built in the style of this period of design.

Steel Vintage specialise in creating furniture that has a nostalgic appearance whilst being built of the same heavy industrial grade materials that would have been used in the past. All products are designed with modern requirements in mind so that the furniture is practical, well made and beautiful.

What metal do you use?

All products are made from mild steel unless otherwise stated.

Do you use solid wood?

All wood is solid. We do not use veneers. Occasionally marine grade plywood may be used for internal cabinet components.

Where do you source your wood?

All wood is purchased from a local supplier and is FSC certified meaning all wood comes from sustainable managed forests. We do not use any illegal, genetically modified or endangered species.

We do not use reclaimed timber as it is difficult to trace its history plus the quality is often unacceptable for high quality furniture due to infestation and rot.

Do you treat the metal?

Most items are clear coated with auto grade clear lacquer as this can be applied thin enough to preserve the raw metal finish whilst still providing protection from corrosion. Some items are clear powder coated, which although more durable, is thicker and more noticeable. We do not use any waxes or oils as these do not provide sufficient long term protection.

How do you treat the wood?

We believe Danish Oil is the best product to treat the Oak, Walnut and Pine that we use for our furniture. It is hard wearing, moisture and heat resistant plus is easy to apply if additional coats are required in the future.

Do you offer a bespoke service?

Steel Vintage specialise in bespoke product design. We are always happy to look at new ideas or make alterations to an existing design to suit specific requirements.

Are items made to order?

Generally all items are made to order as this enables us to monitor material usage and only produce products that are required. Sometimes we have display items or prototypes that can be dispatched quicker.

How do I place an order?

You can use our website to create your desired product from the available options such as dimensions and materials or you can contact us direct with your order requirements.

How do I pay for my order?

If placing an order through our website you can pay online via Debit or Credit card, Paypal or BACS. You can also request a pro forma sales invoice before making payment. Payment via telephone is also possible during office hours. We do not accept cheque or cash.

Can I pay a deposit?

For any standard items on our website we require full payment when ordering. If an item is bespoke or going to take longer than 8 weeks then a 50% deposit can be accepted with the balance due before delivery.

How long will my order take?

Each new order is booked into our production schedule. We generally run on a 6-8 week lead time depending on how busy we are. A larger project may fill our diary for longer periods and so we will inform you if we are likely to take longer to fulfill your order. Between September and Christmas our lead time can increase to 10 weeks or more. Please contact us if you need to know our latest availability.

Do you deliver and install items?

Yes. Please see our Delivery page for full information.

Do you accept returns?

Please see our Returns page for full information.

What if my item is faulty or damaged?

Please see our Returns page for full information.

How do I care for my furniture?

Please see our Furniture Care page for full information.

Do you offer a guarantee or warranty?

Please see our Guarantee page for full information.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Please see our T&Cs page for full information.

Do you supply to trade buyers?

Yes. Please see our Trade page for full information.

What can I do if my question is not listed here?

Please get in touch as we are always happy to answer any question.