6th August 2020

How The Furniture Industry is Going Green


Purchasing a piece of furniture shouldn’t cost the earth. Terms such as “fair-trade”, “organic” and “vegan” are becoming common in the Google search bar, and so the need for sustainable manufacturing is ever growing. And the movement to live sustainably is not just a temporary trend. It is essential for the future of our planet and for the generations to come. 

As a furniture manufacturer, here at Steel Vintage we are passionate about creating stunning, quality furniture. But we also believe that we have a responsibility to create industrial furniture that is environmentally friendly, not only doing our bit, but giving others the chance to do theirs too. Read on as we explain the steps Steel Vintage are taking to be a future-focussed, eco friendly company.

Going Vegan

Our earth only has so much that it can give. Overconsumption of its resources is unsustainable and incredibly damaging to the environment. It will come as no surprise that the furniture industry contributes to deforestation and, in turn, plays a part in global warming. The beef and leather trade alone is responsible for 14% of the world’s total annual deforestation, making it the world’s largest single driver of forest loss every year. The materials we use here at Steel Vintage are carefully selected, choosing not to use any that are derived from animals. Materials such as leather, wool and beeswax are commonly found on household furniture like sofas and wooden tables. Instead, we choose to manufacture products that avoid these entirely. The absence of animal derived substances means that we are a completely vegan friendly company.

Recycling Our Waste

The materials chosen, the sourcing of them and the way that they are used is what really matters when it comes to sustainable furniture production. Our Steel Vintage team, where possible, look to source raw materials and consumable products from sustainable and environmentally friendly suppliers. This includes our timber which comes from sustainably managed forests and is certified by a chain of custody. Any waste produced by our manufacturing process is carefully sorted and recycled to help avoid landfill. It is our hope that, in contrast to the mass produced items that are so abundant in the industry, sustainably made furniture will hopefully avoid landfill and be fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Carbon Neutral

Making a positive change for the future also involves the recognition that we all contribute to the emissions of greenhouse gases. These have a vast impact on both the environment and on health by contributing to climate change. Recognising this, our company has taken action by planting trees to offset our CO2 emissions, and we have been 100% carbon neutral since 2011. Thanks to these steps we take as a company, we are proud that every purchase made with us helps contribute to the funding of improving our environment.

The Future Starts Now

Famous Indian activist Mahatma Ghandi once said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. Change begins with the choices we make: whether this be the way we work, how we run a company, or the things that we individually choose to buy and consume. For the furniture industry, the future starts today. And thanks to the choices we make now, it’s looking like a bright one.

Take a look at our archive to see just a few examples of the amazing furniture pieces that have been made in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. Next time you purchase a piece of furniture, why not consider it’s journey, both in the years gone by and the years to come.

Jon Ball