2nd June 2020

How to Style an Industrial Dining Table

Industrial Dining Table Style

The dining table is an important part of a home. Not only is it the place where household meals are shared together, but it can also serve as a convenient spot for working or activities – be it that extra office space, a place to finish homework or a spot to get creative. As well as all of this, a dining table can play a key role in the overall look and feel of your home and, if styled well, can go a long way towards improving your interior design. In a previous blog, we looked at the best ways to create the ultimate industrial look for your home, and here we focus in on the industrial dining table and how best to style it, bringing out its potential.

Start With Quality

The key, of course, to all beautiful design is to invest in quality. Buy cheap, buy twice – its a common phrase with an important message. If you buy something solely for the lower price, you will likely end up spending more money in the long run. When you choose a cheap dining table, you will quickly start to see problems such as wobbly legs or fading wood. When choosing an industrial dining table from us at Steel Vintage, you know you are choosing a piece of furniture that incorporates quality materials and industrial craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

Contrast Textures

The industrial style can be traced back to its origins in the bold and bright 1960s. A decade for industrial growth, working with what was on offer was favoured over worrying about the visual appeal of a place – necessity and a utilitarian approach were this style’s driving forces. It’s for this reason that a blend of textures works well in industrial spaces, adding to the charm and appeal of the style. Choosing dining chairs with this in mind will add authenticity to the industrial period, and personality to your set-up, with contrasting colours working as well as differing fabrics. A simple linen table runner can add a homely touch to the dining table, and fabrics such as cotton or hemp can balance out the metallic, ‘harsher’ elements too.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to your tabletop, simplicity is key. The focus should not be drawn away from the brilliance of the table, but what you place on your tabletop should instead complement it, adding to the charm. Think clean pots or vases filled with simple greenery or fresh florals that accompany your colour scheme. A contrast of textures will work well here too – a concrete pot or glass vase atop the wooden table is sometimes all you need to complete the look. When the dishes are done with and you don’t need the space for entertaining, this simple yet striking designed space will sit uncluttered and beautiful within your home.

Focus On Light.

The tabletop itself is not all that you should think about. A statement lighting feature above your industrial dining table will draw the focus in and create a clear zone for coming together as a family, not to mention a further opportunity to add style to your home. Pendant lights such as bowl pendants or exposed bulb pendants particularly suit the industrial style and, whether you have just one or many, the atmosphere they can add to your dining table style is worth it.

Take a look below for more industrial dining inspiration from our customers over the years. If you’re looking for an industrial dining table that will transform your home, take a look at our Steel Vintage Industrial Table collection and get inspired as you begin to style your space!

Jon Ball