A brief introduction to how Steel Vintage started their journey…

Steel Vintage was founded in 2009 by brothers Jon and Martin. With a relentless drive they quickly established themselves as innovative leaders in the industry of restored vintage industrial furniture.

After spending 3 years producing the best polished and customised vintage metal furniture available in the UK they saw potential for a new demand in the market that would fuel their creative passion. Having restored hundreds of early 20th Century steel furniture pieces such as school lockers, filing cabinets and tanker desks they were able to use this wealth of experience and knowledge to create their own range of original handmade industrial-style furniture.

Since 2012 they have been focusing on producing a unique range of vintage industrial inspired furniture. Each piece is created for modern living and working environments whilst still maintaining an authentic industrial appearance. This is achieved through a mix of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques.

Looking forward their ambition is to continue with innovative furniture design which will incorporate quality materials, industrial craftsmanship and above all, something that will last a lifetime.

To see examples of their original restoration work please see the Steel Vintage Facebook group.

The Steel Vintage cast iron furniture badge

The Steel Vintage company van

Steel Vintage - Welding and fabrication


Steel Vintage is a true family business. Jon and Martin are  supported by Phillip (Dad) who assists in production and Carole (Mum) who helps with the company finances and marketing.

Customers are encouraged to visit the workshop in Bristol, as they will be able to meet the team, see where the products are made and most importantly, see examples of the industrial furniture in the showroom. We love to discuss new projects over a coffee.

If the journey to Bristol is too far, please get in touch with us as there are often customers around the country who are happy to show off their purchases.

Our website showcases some of the furniture that we produce but we really love bespoke projects that we can get stuck into and get our creative minds working.

Email or call 01454 413 329 to start your journey with Steel Vintage.

Jon - Managing Director at Steel Vintage

Managing Director

“My role is varied and includes sales, marketing, project managing, product design and generally ensuring the smooth running of the business.”

Martin - Creative Director at Steel Vintage

Creative Director

“I am involved with the design and development of new furniture products. With a background in both design and fabrication I ensure production of all items is completed correctly.”

Phil - Director at Steel Vintage


“As part of the production team I have a variety of responsibilities. I am involved with woodwork, product assembly and general maintenance of the workshop. ”

Carole - Company Secretary at Steel Vintage

Company Secretary

“My responsibilities include accounts and customer service along with supporting Jon with the general running of the business.”

Ania - Office Administrator at Steel Vintage

Office Administrator

“As the office administrator my job includes customer service, book keeping, HR and marketing. I also love helping out in the workshop when possible.”

Will - Product Designer at Steel Vintage

Product Designer

“As a 3D designer I work closely with the team at Steel Vintage, on a freelance basis developing concepts through to the delivery of fully functional product designs”

Mike - Production Manager at Steel Vintage

Furniture Maker (Production Manager)

“I have a varied role within the workshop including joinery, metal work, finishing and assembly. I am also involved with the delivery and installation of customer orders.”

Julian - Furniture Maker at Steel Vintage

Furniture Maker (Joinery & Finishing)

“With 30+ years of joinery and furniture making experience I ensure all woodwork is produced accurately. I also help deliver and install furniture for customers.”

Jeremy - Furniture Maker (Welding & Fabrication)

Furniture Maker (Welding & Fabrication)

“As a welder and fabricator I have over 30 years of experience and it’s great to be involved with a company that produces work of such a high standard.”

John - Furniture Maker (General production)

Furniture Maker (General production)

“As an all-round furniture maker I work in all areas of the workshop including woodwork, metal finishing and powder coating. I am also involved with the furniture deliveries.”

Charlie - Family Pet at Steel Vintage

Family Pet

“When I’m not wrapped up in my blanket asleep I generally enjoy meeting visitors and playing with my favourite toys.”