Industrial Office Furniture – What You Need to Know

Industrial office furniture is undoubtedly a trend that is on the rise. Here at Steel Vintage, we’ve had an increasing number of enquiries and orders for industrial furniture from companies over the last few years, and that trend shows absolutely no signs of abating.

If you take a look at our case studies page, you can see some of the major projects we’ve undertaken involving fitting offices for the likes of Expedia and Amigo Loans. There are several reasons that so many huge companies are now investing in high quality industrial office furniture, so we’ve put together this quick guide on how to get your furniture right!

Don’t buy furniture – invest in it

As every smart business owner knows, how you reinvest the money you make from your business is critical to growth and, ultimately, success. This is true for everything – from your stock, to your staff. Office furniture is yet another important part of the puzzle!

Everyone knows the old adage, “buy cheap, buy twice”, and in the case of furniture, that’s particularly true. The furniture in your office will typically see more use than any in your home, so it’s very easy to underestimate just how important build quality is. Cheap furniture bought for the office can often very quickly betray the fact that its build quality is substandard.

With Steel Vintage’s range of industrial furniture, you can allay all your fears. Our furniture is made using only the finest wood and steel, and by building everything in our workshop with our highly skilled team, you can rest assured that the furniture you receive from us is built to last.

Office environment and culture

Nowadays, it’s becoming less and less common to see row upon row of generic cubicles in offices, as companies have begun to embrace the tangible benefits of focusing on improving their office’s environment and their company culture.

A big part of this relates to furniture. Sealed off cubicles have become a symbol of corporate culture that was often guilty of putting profits over the people that helped to create them. With many spending almost 40 hours a week at their desk, providing your employees with the sort of desks that they’ll want to work at is a small price to pay for the happiness of your team.

Impress clients and customers

When it comes to conducting business, there are countless factors that come into influencing potential clients and customers. Just as office environment and culture is important to helping keep staff happy, it can also play a big part in helping you convince others to do business with you.

On a subconscious level, industrial office furniture conveys the message of solidity, of staying power and reliability. If your company can demonstrate that they’re willing to invest in high quality furniture in order to make the office a better place to work, then you send powerful signals to any outside presence in your office that you are a company that they can trust.