Copyright Notice

No one likes to have their hard work stolen. We take copyright infringement very seriously and will fight to protect our brand, products and all intellectual property.

***A notice to any company or individual thinking of copying our furniture designs or website content***


Inspiration, Borrowing, Imitation, Reproducing or whatever you decide to call it. Using someones creative work without strict permission is simply classed as theft. In the eyes of the law if you have knowingly decided to take what is not yours then you shall be held accountable for your actions.


We are a creative furniture design and manufacturing company who invest countless hours and money on developing new products. Our aim has always been to produce new and innovative designs that our customers have not seen anywhere else. By copying our products you are not only stealing from our company but you are also devaluing the time and effort that has gone into creating such unique designs.

We appreciate that many of our ‘competitors’ will be looking to us as inspirational market leaders in our field. We understand that many of our designs are highly desirable and as such command a high selling price. The temptation to copy is therefore prevalent in an industry where high quality unique designs are rare. You may feel that it is an easy route to financial success to imitate us however the consequences for your actions could far outweigh your initial gains.

It is in our interest to research and be knowledgable about the market that we are in. We know of all companies, big and small, who manufacture ‘vintage industrial furniture’ both in the UK and farther afield. If we observe a breach of our intellectual copyright in any shape or form then we will proceed to deal with the matter accordingly.

Step One

Any violation will in the first instance be dealt with by email correspondence directly with the company/person who have infringed on our intellectual copyright. This will be in the form of a formal Cease and desist notice to immediately stop the infringement and to remove all evidence from the violators online presence including website and all social media platforms.

Step Two

If after the initial correspondence the violator chooses not to comply then the case will be passed to our litigation solicitors to proceed with legal action. Depending on the severity of the case it is likely that we will claim not only for all legal costs but also for any damages which can prove to be very costly.


International Copyright Infringement

Distance will not protect you from UK law. Our solicitors can communicate with a local solicitor in any country and proceed with legal action accordingly. You may be liable for any laws broken in your country regarding International Copyright Infringement.


Final thoughts

Our advice is simple. There is nothing wrong with the appreciation of others work. Inspiration comes in many forms and if we inspire you to create new designs then we are happy with some healthy competition. Be original, be proud of your own hard work and creativity. Do not simply visit our website and hit ‘copy & paste’ as this is just lazy and disrespectful. In a competitive market it is the ones who stand out for their positive contributions to the world that succeed.