Steel Vintage | Case Study - 137 Gin | Industrial Dining Table

How to Style an Industrial Dining Table

The dining table is an important part of a home. Not only is it the place where household meals are shared together, but it can also serve as a convenient spot for working or activities - be it that extra office space, a place to finish homework or a spot to get creative. As well...

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How The Furniture Industry is Going Green

Purchasing a piece of furniture shouldn’t cost the earth. Terms such as “fair-trade”, “organic” and “vegan” are becoming common in the Google search bar, and so the need for sustainable manufacturing is ever growing. And the movement to live sustainably is not just a temporary trend. It is essential for the future of our planet...

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Office Accessories

An Inspiring Collection For Your Home Office

Working in a home office? It’s likely that you already have a suitable desk to work from (if not – take a look at our blog, Updating Your Home Office Desk, for some inspiration!) Whether you have been working from home for many years, or whether it’s a completely new experience, the environment that you are working in holds the same importance. Once you have your essentials sorted (the desk, the chair, the computer…) it’s important to equip your home office with more items that are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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SV homepage workshop kitchen

Give Your Kitchen an Industrial Makeover

Some would say that the kitchen is the heartbeat of any home. It’s the place where you hurriedly grab that slice of toast before you rush out of the door in the morning; the place you go for a midnight forage in the depths of the freezer to find the Ben and Jerry’s no-one else...

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Steel VIntage | Case Study - Ocubis | Industrial Boardroom Tables

4 Things To Consider When Buying A Boardroom Table

Size When you first think of boardroom tables, you may imagine a huge, imposing piece of furniture that completely fills and dominates the room. That may be ideal for some businesses, but others will be more suited to compact and stylish pieces. You have to consider the size and shape of the room first of...

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Introducing the One House Range

Steel Vintage is proud to introduce our new One House range! Designed to offer a bold and playful alternative to the industrial look, whilst maintaining the build quality that is synonymous with all Steel Vintage products. With industrial interior design becoming increasingly popular, more and more homes, offices and retail spaces are choosing to renovate...

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Bring Luxury to Your Office with the Brunel Range

In recent years, the office as a workplace has evolved from just a functional space into an experience. It’s no longer just a place to turn up, do your duties and go home. It is a place to experience your work - a place to live life while you work. Nowadays, it’s about the environment...

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Architects desk testimonial

5 Steps To Consider When Updating Your Home Office Desk

When we hear the word “office”, the thing that often comes to mind is a regular, formal place of work – a humdrum space built to be simply functional. But when it comes to bringing the office into your home, the same stereotypes don’t have to come with it.

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