24th August 2022

Modular Desk Systems: What’s The Fuss?

SV Foundry Modular Desk in situ

Are you planning to move your office soon? Do you have an office space with many employees who need a unique and ergonomic working environment? Before your hire contractors or spend a fortune in constructing a new building, ask yourself – do you want a modular office fit?

A modular desk is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for a modern, efficient and ergonomic workspace. A modular system can be designed to suit any business – from a large corporation to an individual office. They are also easy to maintain and clean, making them perfect for busy offices with high turnover rates.

So, what makes them such a great option? We’ve put together a few points:

Make the most of the space.

Modular desks are a great way to make the most of your office space. They can be designed to fit any room size, and you can choose from a wide range of sizes and configurations. This means you don’t have to worry about finding a desk that will fit; instead, you can focus on creating the perfect workspace for your business. The Foundry Modular Desk is a great example of how you can make a modular desk system work for you, rather than the other way around.

Collaboration is key.

Collaboration among staff is a great way to improve morale and bring new ideas to the business. Considering you opt for open desk spaces rather than closed-off cubicles, your employees will be able to engage in conversation with their co-workers much more quickly. This is especially beneficial if you have a team that works on projects together. The ability to brainstorm and bounce ideas off one another can help the business to grow more quickly and efficiently.

Convenient configurations.

Not only does a modular desk system allow you to set up your office space perfectly the first time round, but a real benefit of this style is the ease of changing the configuration later down the line. This is particularly helpful if you are up or downsizing your office space or are looking to reconfigure the room for a different purpose. With a modular desk system, you can move around and change things up as needed without spending hours moving furniture around or breaking down walls.

Tidy office, tidy mind.

It’s expected that modular desk designs include convenient cable management options, such as a shared cable tray either hidden underneath the desk or added as a design feature of the desks themselves, see Hangar Modular Desks. This is a great way to keep cables organised and out of sight, which can help you to keep your desk space looking neat and tidy. The same goes for the wires running between your computer monitor(s) and the wall, where they are often connected to an outlet hidden behind furniture or under your desk. This type of cable management is often built right in modular desks.

Storage, storage, storage.

As with any of our desks, we offer a range of suspended storage options you can add to your order. It’s the same with our modular desk systems; the possibilities are endless, whether you need to add a unit to contain your computer tower or lockable storage for important files. Adding plenty of storage underneath the desks also reduces the need for additional storage units around the office and, therefore, utilises the space available.

SV Foundry Desk

A more affordable option.

Modular desk systems are generally a more cost-effective option than custom-built desks. This is because they are made from components rather than the entire desk being built from scratch. It also means adding and removing units to suit your needs as your business grows or changes over time. If you don’t need a specific size, shape or configuration of desk anymore, remove it from the office layout and replace it with something else instead of purchasing all new furniture.

These are just several of the many benefits you can enjoy when you have a modular desk set up in your business. An excellent modular system should improve employee collaboration and make the workplace safer, cleaner and more efficient. Overall, modular systems are an excellent investment for any business looking to upgrade their workspace. As you can see, modular office desk systems are a practical and affordable solution to furnishing your offices. Their benefits, including the fact that they can be customised, make them ideal for all kinds of businesses.

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Paige Allison