21st July 2022

4 Designs: Mix & Match For An Industrial Kitchen As Unique As You

The industrial kitchen is not just for the factory anymore; it’s a design trend that has been around for decades. In the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in this style thanks to its versatility and easy maintenance. This new wave allows homeowners who like the industrial look to infuse their modern kitchens with natural materials rich in texture and colour.

Innovation, design, and durability make up the new wave of industrial kitchens. Our modular kitchen range comprises the same unit variation, allowing you to mix and match your units to create a unique design perfect for your space. We use mild steel for all kitchen units, and each panel is clear powder coated before assembly to protect against rust. The durable materials mean you can rely on your kitchen to last through any challenge, from heavy use to frequent cleaning.

We’ve got what you need if you’re looking for an industrial-style kitchen with an eye on durability.

The Workshop Kitchen

Our first exploration into the kitchen industry was The Workshop Kitchen, a minimalist design inspired by the humble workshop.

Steel Vintage began in a workshop 13 years ago, so having our first kitchen as part of our Workshop collection was essential to us.

The units of the Workshop Kitchen range feature a no-fuss design on all doors and bar handles.

The Workshop Kitchen range is the perfect choice if you’re a fan of a more simplistic look – one that celebrates the hard work in a workshop.

The Brunel Kitchen

If you’re after something more out there than the Workshop Kitchen, then the Brunel kitchen is for you.

It was vital that it would be instantly recognisable as part of our flagship Brunel collection, so we took several design elements from other pieces in the collection when designing this kitchen range.

One design element that makes this design stand out is brass handles and corner bumpers, which offer a welcome break to the steel units.

If you’re not one to follow the crowd, this is the kitchen for you.

The Armoury Kitchen

The Armoury is a place used for the safe storage of weaponry. Therefore this collection is designed to look impenetrable. The kitchen features precision, laser-cut, military-inspired motifs, which are the same across the entire collection.

This is the one for you if you want a kitchen with a bit more flare than The Workshop Kitchen.

The Machinery Kitchen

We recently launched this new collection in the form of The Machinery Shoe Cupboard, in which the venting element was detrimental to the design.

When transferred to a kitchen range, the external vents and louvres made the design it’s own.

The Machinery collection is inspired by the vast machinery typically found in a workshop.

We are seeing increasingly industrial-style kitchens popping up across social media and home improvement channels since they are a great way to bring traditional and modern styles together into one space. The beauty of industrial kitchens is that they work in any hope, from traditional rustic farmhouses to sleek modern condos. Offering four different kitchen styles also gives you the option to choose something more minimalist or go all out for a one-of-a-kind Brunel Kitchen.

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Paige Allison