Jointed Slab or Jointed Plank?

Jointed Slab

For a smooth surface our jointed slab is the perfect choice. Planks are carefully selected and glued together to form a single panel. All outer edges and corners are rounded making them smooth to the touch. Planks typically range from 120 - 200 mm in width depending on the panel being produced.

Jointed Plank

For a more traditional industrial-style look this method follows the same process as Jointed Slab, however each plank is given a round over on all edges so that they remain prominent after jointing. It's a lengthier manufacturing process but looks stunning.

Bespoke Options

Upon request, we can also offer other styles such as a Loose Plank, where the planks are not glued together or a Full Slab which is a full width single board from a tree. This can be Square Edge or Live Edge. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss these options.