13th April 2017

Steel Vintage: Our Latest and Greatest Industrial Furniture Designs

Steel Vintage Blog - Steel Vintage: Our Latest and Greatest Industrial Furniture Designs

Here at Steel Vintage, we’re all about mixing it up. Design is at the heart of what we do, which is why we believe in constantly updating our products and trying new styles for our furniture, taking inspiration from iconic figures and decades of history for each of our pieces.

So what have we been up to these past few weeks? Well, amongst the regular installations and taking product orders, we’ve had some time recently to come up with some new designs for our customers to browse through and enjoy.

The stunning Brunel Table is one of our recent popular pieces. As Isambard Brunel was one of the most famous engineers to go down in history, we thought it was about time that we designed a new product that was worthy of such a name.

Brunel was the brains behind various dockyards, steamships, bridges, tunnels and even the Great Western Railway in the 19th Century. His designs were truly revolutionary, and so we’ve tried to make our Brunel Table equally groundbreaking. Whether you’re looking for a new table for your boardroom, or even want something a little different for your dining room at home, we’re confident that this table will go down in the Steel Vintage archives as one of our most successful pieces.

As well as historical figures, we also take great inspiration from decades of history here at Steel Vintage when it comes to creating new products. Our Tanker office desk was in the pipeline for a while and we’ve finally brought it to market, based on the traditional office desks that were made of metal and produced from the 1940s for the masses. Traditional steel pedestal desks were nicknamed ‘Tanker Desks’, and our desk pays homage to this. We even included a neat cable tray which allows for unsightly wires and power hubs to be hidden away – in true 1940s computer-less style!

Fast forward a couple of decades and you reach the 1960s – the decade which inspired yet another of our recent Steel Vintage designs; namely the Warehouse Four Drawer Unit. Ideal for office and home use, for this piece we decided to build a cabinet that would match the standards of the filing units found in offices in the 1960s, but with modern glide runners that make the whole unit smoother to use. Whether you’ve got a study at home that needs a stylish industrial touch, or you work in an office that desperately needs a new filing system, this drawer unit is sure to fit the bill.

And if all of these exciting new projects aren’t enough for you, then we’ve also got our kitchen cabinet range and industrial office chair collections launching soon. The extra hours have paid off, and the Steel Vintage stock range is truly becoming more diverse every day. Take a look through our site and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got a particular style or design in mind for your home and want to see what the Steel Vintage team can create for you. Happy browsing!

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Jon Ball