4th May 2023

The Future of Storage: Three New Steampunk Storage Solutions

Since we launched the Steampunk Desk in 2019, our Steampunk collection has been a huge hit. In response to demand, we’ve expanded the collection to include 16 additional items. Which includes table designs, desk variations, and storage options. Today, we’re excited to announce three new steampunk storage solutions to this lively collection; two dressing tables, and a TV unit.

As you browse our new designs, imagine a blend of industrial and elegance – that’s the Steampunk style!

What is Steampunk?

Many media have utilised the steampunk style, which is renowned for its place in popular culture. It incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Therefore, copper and brass cogs, gears and clock parts are all elements that are now used in steampunk-inspired pieces.

Steampunk Storage Solution # 1 | The Steampunk Single Pedestal Dresser

The Steampunk Single Pedestal Dresser embraces the design elements of a pedestal desk. On the left-hand side is a block of three drawers, providing easily accessible storage. The top two drawers are shallow, with the lower drawer deeper to store larger items like hair styling tools or clothes. This is an excellent piece of furniture for storing your clothes and accessories.

The Steampunk Single Pedestal Dresser is the perfect blank canvas to style your makeup and yourself. Match with our Steampunk Stool in your choice of leatherette upholstery to suit your style. The pedestal design provides the ideal space to sit at the dresser and prepare for your day, a clever steampunk storage solution that doubles as a dressing table.

Steampunk Storage Solution # 2 | The Steampunk Double Pedestal Dresser

The second storage solution is the Steampunk Double Pedestal Dresser unit. This piece of furniture can be used as a vanity or hold clothes and other miscellaneous items in your bedroom. Like the Single Pedestal version, it features a central cutout section perfect for a chair or our Steampunk Stool.

Steampunk Storage Solution # 3 | The Steampunk TV Unit

The Steampunk TV Unit is an excellent example of how you can use steampunk design elements to create something that is both functional and visually appealing. The unit’s base features a combination of mild steel, wood panels and brass & copper details. The TV unit has two tall open shelves on each side for holding books, DVDs or other items you want to display. The bottom section of the cabinet uses our Steampunk Sideboard V3 at the base, which has three central drawers and two cabinets on each side.


Steampunk storage solutions are a great way to add character to your home while also providing functional storage space. These designs are perfect for people who love steampunk and want an easy way to incorporate it into their decorating style. They’re also great for those who have limited space but still want something unique and eye-catching in their homes.

In fact, steampunk storage solutions are often designed to be both functional and visually appealing. They often feature intricate designs and unique details that make them stand out from traditional storage solutions. As a result, steampunk storage solutions are a great way to add a touch of steampunk to your home without sacrificing function or style. If you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to organize your belongings, consider using steampunk storage solutions.

Don’t settle for ordinary furniture – explore the growing Steampunk collection today.

Paige Allison