3rd March 2020

Things To Consider When Buying A Boardroom Table

Steel Vintage | Case Study - Endemol Shine | Industrial Walnut Boardroom Table


When you first think of boardroom tables, you may imagine a huge, imposing piece of furniture that completely fills and dominates the room. That may be ideal for some businesses, but others will be more suited to compact and stylish pieces.

You have to consider the size and shape of the room first of all. Logistically, will you be able to comfortably fit a 2-meter long table in your boardroom? Consider how many participants there would be in a typical meeting. It doesn’t make sense to have a table big enough for 20 people, when you usually only have 6. All that extra space may actually work to backfire. Will clients feel important if they are only taking up the corner of the table? They may feel like a small fish in a big pond. 

At Steel Vintage, our boardroom tables are made to order, meaning we can accommodate your exact requirements to the millimetre.


A boardroom table is an expensive purchase so you want to make sure that it’s designed to last.

We are proud of the high quality materials we use at Steel Vintage. The sheer amount of options on offer lets you create a truly unique item that will reflect your brand. We use mainly oak or walnut for our boardroom table tops, but we have also used a specialist Scandinavian pine in the past. These materials are tough and durable. The raw steel used for the table legs provides a truly rock-solid foundation that will last a lifetime.


It’s easy to fall into the thought pattern that a table is simply just four legs and a top. How stylish can they be? Very as it turns out! Although the trusted table structure remains the same, the actual look and feel of a boardroom table has never been so open to creativity.

Steel Vintage has handcrafted some famous boardroom tables over the years for huge brands including Expedia. Here are just a few boardroom table designs we can produce:

It’s not just the materials used that influence a table’s style. You need to consider the style and colour of these materials as well. For table tops, you can choose to have either planks or slabs. Having a separate plank-style can give an authentic industrial look, whereas a full slab top can look more smooth and polished.

You can bring your table to life with a choice of colours for the tabletops and legs. Perhaps go for your brand colours. Boardroom tables don’t need to be restricted by traditional corporate colours of grey and beige. Breathe some life into your boardroom!

Why not add some wood distressing if you’re going for a more industrial and rustic feel? Imperfections, knots and small cracks can actually inject some more personality than a normal, smooth and clean finish would.

Any Extras?

Boardroom meetings can be notoriously long as you may have experienced first hand. Important business decisions don’t often take place over the course of a few minutes.

You may want to consider some extra perks to have with your boardroom table such as removable panels and cable trays so being able to charge your device is just an arms reach away. This will also reduce the amount of clutter on top of and underneath the table so there’s nothing to distract from the design.

If you’re currently in the market for a new boardroom table, why not explore our exclusive range of handcrafted industrial boardroom tables? With several styles and materials to choose from, we can guarantee to create a piece that will impress your staff and clients alike.

Jon Ball