29th March 2018

Traits of Industrial Furniture Design

Industrial design has become a highly popular trend in recent years because of its ability to add character and completely transform a room or workspace. Influenced by factories and warehouses of old, it offers an interesting alternative to ordinary and predictable “modern” interior design we see a lot of today. Furniture is a fundamental part of interior decor so choosing the right pieces to add industrial flair is key. But what are the traits of industrial design furniture that make it so unique and distinct? What should you be watching out for? Let’s take a look.

The style of industrial furniture can vary quite a lot, ranging from very simple and minimalist designs to more complex, almost factory-like aesthetics. Despite the variations, industrial furniture has a handful of features that are almost always present.

Combination of Wood & Metal

Arguably the most distinctive feature of industrial furniture is the fine blend of wood and metal in its design. The warm tones of the wood contrast nicely with the coolness of the metal to bring a calm and relaxing ambience to the room.

Wood is used as the tops for our tables and desks. At Steel Vintage, we use different types of quality wood including oak and walnut. They can come with varying levels of distress to suit your industrial style, ranging from smooth to a heavy rustic finish. The colour of the wood can also be specified from a wide selection so your furniture can be personalised how you like.

The metal used in industrial furniture is a striking contrast to the wood, which is what makes it stand out. Materials like steel and iron play a big role in industrial design. They add a rustic and vintage look to the furniture and makes the whole piece feel more solid and premium.

Mechanical Details

Another common trait of industrial furniture is the little mechanical details on show. Nuts, bolts, rivets and even gears are often left exposed for all the world to see. This unusual style is typical of industrial design. It adds a certain charm that you don’t find with any other type of furniture. It is also another sign of premium build quality.

At Steel Vintage, we make many furniture items with these unique mechanical details. Check out our Brunel Table and Steampunk Desk or use the social links below for some great examples.

Attention To Detail

There’s a reason why industrial furniture is generally more expensive than other furniture types. There’s an incredible level of attention to detail that go into these products that you don’t get anywhere else. Manufacturers can’t afford to take shortcuts or cut corners. People will notice if they do.
At Steel Vintage, we pride ourselves on the amount of care and craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our furniture pieces. Small touches make a big difference. From our optional cable shelves and glass tops to the polish we use on the fine steel and wood, we aim to go the extra mile and provide the best product and service for our customers.

What Next

The great thing about industrial design is that you only need a couple of industrial furniture pieces to completely change the look of a room and achieve the aesthetic you’re after.

Here at Steel Vintage, we can help you bring industrial design to any room or office interior. We offer a huge range of bespoke furniture in different styles and sizes. So why not get in touch with us today?

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Jon Ball