12th December 2019

5 Steps To Consider When Updating Your Home Office Desk

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When we hear the word “office”, the thing that often comes to mind is a regular, formal place of work – a humdrum space built to be simply functional. But when it comes to bringing the office into your home, the same stereotypes don’t have to come with it. 

Your home office should be functional, yes, but does this have to mean basic furniture lacking any personality? Definitely not! Your home office furniture can be stylish, beautiful – it can be whatever you want it to be. With the right desk and accessories to boot, you can create a space that you actually want to work in.

So take note – forget the dull, monogamous office space you once knew as we explore how to update your home office the Steel Vintage way!

First things first

The two most important questions you should ask yourself before designing any space in your home are: what is the space for and how will you use it? 

Whether you are full-time or part-time, a student or a CEO; whether for the whole family or just for your own use; whether you work on a PC or need space for sketching and designing – we all have different needs when it comes to our working environment. Defining these clearly will contribute towards choosing the best furniture for your space.

Room for the essentials

For most people, the desk is the most essential part of their home office. Finding one that works well in the space you have is important. 

Architects desk testimonial

Even if the location you choose has ample space for your desk, filling it completely isn’t necessarily the best thing to do. It’s a good idea to be efficient with your use of furniture – having just the size that you need will help to make your space, well, spacious! And will keep your office looking tidy whilst making room for other pieces that will contribute to the space.

With thousands of possible configurations, each of our office desks is totally unique and can be made exactly the way you want, ensuring that your desk fits like a glove just where you need it.

Suitable storage

The other office essential is, of course, storage. When all the pieces of furniture in your home office blend together, it gives it a clean and tidy look, creating a space that is easy to work in. Our range of storage solutions is made from the same quality materials and level of detail as our office desks. With each piece matching our range of desks, you are able to create a consistent look throughout your office.

Adding to your home

If you don’t have an extra room in your house to serve as your office, you will likely locate it in the corner of your lounge, or somewhere similar. If this is the case, you will want to make sure that your working environment is in keeping with the rest of its location, to avoid bringing the dull office stereotype into your living space.

A statement piece with plenty of character is a great way to add to you office space rather than cluttering it. Our Brunel Desk is a great example of elegance and functionality, bringing plenty of character to the room. Pair it with the Brunel Sideboard – not only a great storage solution but also perfect as a display area, complementing your desk whilst proving practical within your living space.

The Finishing Touches

You know what to do now – complete your home office with the things that will make the space truly yours. Inspiring books, interesting sculptures, indoor plants – this is your chance to make your home office just that – your home! 

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With every piece of furniture working together to create a beautiful environment, you will truly enjoy stepping into your office, and it will soon become a much-loved part of your home.

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Jon Ball