11th November 2022

Find the Best Kitchen Layout for your Home [with examples]

industrial style steel kitchen with island and high stools

Designing your new kitchen shouldn’t just be based on aesthetics; it should also be functional. The best way to do this is by creating a layout that makes sense for your needs. You’ll want to consider how often you spend time in your kitchen and how much prep space you need.

A great place to start is with a floor plan; this way, you can begin to visualize the layout and how it may or may not work for you and the available space. We’ve put together the six most popular kitchen layouts to give you some inspiration:

Single Wall

This simple layout is perfect when you’re short on space; it allows you to have everything you need in one room and can be adapted to suit all kinds of kitchens. It works well for small apartments, terraced houses and townhouses but can also be used in large homes with a lot of space but not much interest in having multiple rooms.


This is the most popular layout for modern kitchens; it’s great for families because it provides plenty of storage space and allows you to keep everything within easy reach. You’ll find this layout on most boats, as well as many older homes that have been renovated.


You can make your L-shaped kitchen by combining two galley kitchens or splitting a U-shaped one in half. This is a popular layout for small kitchens because it maximizes usable space. The L-shaped kitchen has everything you need at your fingertips and doesn’t waste any room on unnecessary features.


The U-shaped kitchen layout creates an enclosed space to get creative; it also provides additional surfaces that can be used for food preparation, which you would be lacking in the previous layouts. If you love dancing around the kitchen while you cook, this could be the layout for you.

Peninsula / G-shaped

The G-shaped kitchen features a peninsula or island that separates the cooking space from the rest of the room. The peninsula can be used for additional counter space, seating or storage. A peninsula kitchen is ideal for people who like to cook or entertain. It also allows for a more open floor plan and can help create a great family gathering space.


The dream for many aspiring chefs is to own a kitchen with an island; the other work surfaces are ideal when you’re cooking up a storm, whereas the island acts as additional seating, which is perfect for families. If you’re one for entertaining, adding the hob to your island has proven a popular choice, so you can avoid having your back to your guests, making the process a lot more inclusive. A great example of this is the Engineering Kitchen pictured here, this layout offers plenty of space and not to mention, it looks great.

These popular kitchen layouts use the kitchen triangle rule for the initial design; however, if you are a keen cook and have the space, we recommend you take advantage of it. You can always create your kitchen layout to suit your needs; after all, this is your dream home, and you should be able to make it as personal as possible.

When you work with us to help design your new kitchen, we’ll create a floor plan for you with our suggestions based on your space and priorities; bespoke kitchens often do not follow these conventional rules, so the possibilities are endless.

Got the layout sorted? Now for the fun part, which style are you going to go for? Read the ultimate industrial-style kitchen guide.

Paige Allison