26th September 2018

Why Is Industrial Interior Design So Popular?

Steel Vintage Blog - Why Is Industrial Interior Design So Popular?

Interior design is constantly evolving as new trends come and go while some stand the test of time. Industrial design looks like it will be the latter. You may have noticed that many of our articles start off by highlighting the fact that industrial design has had a surge in popularity over the last few years. That’s because it is true. Industrial interior design is a trend that is growing every year and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Rather, on the contrary, it has helped Steel Vintage to grow and expand as more homes and businesses turn to industrial furniture for their interiors. And there lies the fundamental question. Why is industrial design so popular?

There are 6 main reasons as to why industrial interior design is so popular:

  • Unique
  • Feels Special
  • Makes A Great First Impression
  • Looks Fantastic
  • Sustainably Sourced Materials
  • Lasts A Lifetime

Let’s look at these reasons in more detail.


Industrial design is unique. It offers something different to the safe, predictable and sometimes boring interior design we see a lot of today. Modern interior design can look ordinary. The same cannot be said of industrial design. The stripped back, raw, simplistic approach is its strength. Less is more.


When it comes to decorating a room or space, people and businesses often look for the cheapest and safest option, which is understandable. And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, paying more to have an interior that feels extra special is worth it. Industrial design, particularly the furniture, feels special. The quality of materials used and the intricate attention to detail that goes into every furniture piece make it feel special.

The Brunel Table is just one example of a special industrial table we make at Steel Vintage. We set out to craft something with no compromises, no thought of how we could cut corners to save on cost. We made something truly special, which is what industrial design is all about.

Makes A Great First Impression

First impressions are everything, especially in the business world. Inviting potential clients to meetings at your business is an important event and you want them to know that your business is the real deal. Making a good first impression could be the difference between securing or losing a business deal.
Quality industrial decor could help make that good first impression. It looks great and with luxury, industrial furniture like the Master Artisan Table or Pilot Table for the boardroom, you will be sure to impress your potential clients.

Looks Fantastic

Arguably this is the main reason why industrial interior decor is so popular. It looks fantastic. The whole point of decorating a room is that you want it to look good. You want it to be a space where you want to be. Enjoying the environment you are in can help you and others feel more at home, more relaxed, more comfortable and it can even improve your productivity.

Sustainably Sourced Materials

People are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and are conscious of the impact that we are having on the planet. Being “green” and environmentally friendly is a growing desire for people and businesses.

At Steel Vintage, we use sustainably sourced materials. All the timber comes from sustainably managed forests. We are 100% carbon neutral and all of our waste is recycled. We believe it is our responsibility to make industrial furniture that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Lasts A Lifetime

Interior design can cost a lot of money and sometimes it’s difficult to see the value in it, especially if you are refurbishing every few years. Thanks to the robust materials used, industrial interior design can last a lifetime.
That phrase isn’t just limited to the physical state, we believe that the style of industrial design is also timeless. The rawness and simplicity of it, the unrivalled build quality and contrasting tones of the steel and wood combination used in the furniture. Industrial interior design isn’t going to go out of style anytime soon.
If you are thinking of jumping on this growing industrial decor trend, then Steel Vintage can provide you with a bespoke range of amazing industrial furniture pieces to be the centrepiece of your room or office. If you’re struggling for ideas, check out our Pinterest channel for some inspiration. If you have a project in mind then feel free to email or call 01454413329.

Jon Ball