28th September 2022

5 Reasons to Buy British-Made Furniture

British guard outside Buckingham palace

The internet has made it possible for consumers to search for, order and receive products from anywhere in the world—giving them greater control over what they buy.

One of these downsides is that cheap alternatives to luxury products can be easily distributed for a fraction of the cost. The industrial furniture market is one of the worst hit by offering mass-produced pieces for much less than a hand-finished piece; it’s no wonder consumers worldwide get enticed by the cheap price tags.

There’s a reason why bespoke British furniture is expensive. To understand why cheap furniture isn’t always worth it, let’s look at the main reasons why you should consider shopping from a British furniture manufacturer.


Britain has a strong manufacturing background, and there is a reason why luxury, bespoke furniture is still made in Britain today. The art of furniture making has been perfected over generations. Although some companies now manufacture their products overseas, many continue to use traditional methods passed down from one generation to another.

Manufacturing Standards

The UK requires businesses to meet specific manufacturing standards for labour, safety and quality, so when you purchase a British product, you can rest assured that; staff are treated well and paid fairly ethically sourced materials, and high-quality products & are manufactured in a safe and secure environment.


It’s no surprise that British craftsmanship is renowned for its attention to detail when making luxury, bespoke furniture – after all, if you’re buying something that will last for generations, you want it to look good too! The materials used to make luxury furniture have been carefully selected, and each piece is a work of art in its own right. You’ll find everything from vegan-friendly leather to oak and walnut planks, always finished by hand.


It’s no secret that Britain is home to some of the best artisans because when you’re paying for a luxury piece of furniture, you are not just paying for the materials – which are often high quality themselves, but also the skilled artisans who have put their hearts and souls into making each piece. It’s a skill that cannot be rushed, so it’s no surprise that you’re getting something that will last for generations when you buy a piece of luxury furniture from Britain.

Lower Environmental Impact

British businesses are conscious of their impact on the environment. Therefore, they make choices to become more sustainable. Whether that’s by being selective over their suppliers or simply ensuring waste is disposed of correctly in their offices.

Essentially, all of the above help to produce high-quality, British-made products. Pieces are more likely to stand the test of time compared to their mass-produced counterparts, reducing the amount of waste going to landfills.

Paige Allison