Is It Worth It? The Benefits of High-end Furniture

We've all been there; it doesn't take long for cheap furniture to succumb to the elements of time and become worn out. The cost of replacing furniture over and over again is expensive, which is why it's worth investing in high-end furniture that will last a lifetime. Here are the benefits of investing in high-end...

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industrial style steel kitchen with island and high stools

4 Designs: Mix & Match For An Industrial Kitchen As Unique As You

The industrial kitchen is not just for the factory anymore; it's a design trend that has been around for decades. In the past few years, we've seen an increase in this style thanks to its versatility and easy maintenance. This new wave allows homeowners who like the industrial look to infuse their modern kitchens with...

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Brunel vs Steampunk: The Battle of the Collections

It's a common point of discussion in our office, are you team Brunel or team Steampunk? Two of our best-selling collections, both works of industrial genius but very different in style. Brunel or Steampunk? Which historical design style is better and why? These two designs have very different opinions about the past. Brunel would instead...

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industrial style office with Brunel Desk and sideboard

10 Industrial Desks You’ll Love

When you hear the word industrial, what do you think? Do you picture a cluttered office with pipes hanging from the ceiling and old-style filing cabinets? Or do you envision clean and simplistic rooms epitome of chic? The truth is that industrial design can be interpreted in more ways than one. It can encompass styles...

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SV Foundry Modular Desk in situ

Modular Desk Systems: What’s The Fuss?

Are you planning to move your office soon? Do you have an office space with many employees who need a unique and ergonomic working environment? Before your hire contractors or spend a fortune in constructing a new building, ask yourself – do you want a modular office fit? A modular desk is a cost-effective solution...

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green felt pool table

10 Tips to Make The Man Cave of your Dreams

Introduction The man cave. That space is your refuge from the rest of the world, where you can kick back with a beer and watch sports or play games with your friends. But what makes an ideal man cave? Whether you're a collector, musician, gamer or all of the above, creating a special place just...

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cancer research race for life

Steel Vintage Got Pretty Muddy!

On Saturday 14th May, 3 of the members of the Steel Vintage family headed up to Swindon for the Race For Life Pretty Muddy. They laced up their trainers, participated in the group warm-up and then set off on a 5k run across the beautiful Lydiard Park. They were met with a range of different...

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