5 New Ways To Use An Industrial Sideboard In Your Home

Have you considered introducing a sideboard into your home? The versatility of a humble sideboard often goes unnoticed; consisting of a combination of drawers, shelving, cupboards and a flat surface top, a sideboard works in almost every room in the house. We’ve put together a breakdown of why we think a sideboard could be the...

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A New Taste Of Living : Industrial Kitchens

The pandemic of 2020 and the (ongoing) result of lockdown has meant that many of us have spent more time than ever before in our homes. The global halt has forced in-home hibernation, which for the majority, has been an opportunity to lighten up living spaces. Especially for our food-savvy generation, increased time ‘cooking from scratch’...

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Are You Sleeping Sustainably? Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Beds

There is no time to cut corners when investing in a new bed. With plummeting night-time temperatures and more time spent home-bound, it's no surprise that your google search bar is flooded with cloud-diving duvets and overpriced decor cushions.  The majority of us tend to spend approximately one-third of our time in bedrooms every night...

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Steel Vintage Lattice Sideboard

Industrial Storage Ideas for Every Room of the House

In your home, it’s important that everything has its place - and when it comes to storage space, more is always better. Whether you're sorting through your everyday items or tucking certain things away for a rainy day, when all of your belongings have a place to go back to, home life can be a...

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Office Accessories

Enhance Your Office Desk With Our Studio Accessories

Steel Vintage is proud to introduce our range of Studio Office Accessories. We are passionate about crafting furniture than not only functions well, but that leaves a beautiful, lasting impression too. This same dedication has carried over into this new collection of office desk additions.

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How The Furniture Industry is Going Green

Purchasing a piece of furniture shouldn’t cost the earth. Terms such as “fair-trade”, “organic” and “vegan” are becoming common in the Google search bar, and so the need for sustainable manufacturing is ever growing. And the movement to live sustainably is not just a temporary trend. It is essential for the future of our planet...

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Industrial Dining Table Style

How to Style an Industrial Dining Table

The dining table is an important part of a home. Not only is it the place where household meals are shared together, but it can also serve as a convenient spot for working or activities - be it that extra office space, a place to finish homework or a spot to get creative. As well...

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An Inspiring Collection For Your Home Office

Working in a home office? It’s likely that you already have a suitable desk to work from (if not – take a look at our blog, Updating Your Home Office Desk, for some inspiration!) Whether you have been working from home for many years, or whether it’s a completely new experience, the environment that you are working in holds the same importance. Once you have your essentials sorted (the desk, the chair, the computer…) it’s important to equip your home office with more items that are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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