6th July 2022

Don’t Forget These 8 Items In Your Boardroom: Popular Features To Elevate Your Business Meetings

If you’re considering a boardroom redesign, it’s essential to understand what other features are available and how they can add value to your business. 

Regarding what you can and should add to the boardroom, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That said, here are a few pieces of advice from those who’ve been there and done that:

Boardroom table 

The world of boardroom tables is vast and not one for the fainthearted. With a wide range of tables that would be suitable, the first part of planning for your new boardroom is ensuring your choose the correct table; this means in terms of size, shape, design and aesthetic. Read 4 Things To Consider When Buying a Boardroom Table.

Comfortable chairs

So, you’ve chosen your boardroom table, now find suitable chairs that are comfortable and compliment your table. 

For us, the obvious choice is upholstered seating, which offers a much more comfortable seat than plain wood or metal.We understand how hard it can be to find suitable chairs to match some of our boardroom table designs, so we decided to design our own. Discover our chair range here.

Ample storage

One thing which often gets missed when planning a new boardroom is the storage, which shouldn’t be an afterthought. Depending on the size of your boardroom, you should be able to accommodate some sort of office storage.

Sideboards can also double up as surfaces for refreshments, or opt for a custom unit with a built-in coffee machine or waste dispenser feature to ensure your employees stay focused throughout the meeting. 


Most boardrooms now feature a TV screen which you can use for presentations or screen sharing. When planning the layout of a new meeting room, you should also ensure each participant can comfortably see the screen. 

In addition to the screen, you should consider installing a speakerphone in the centre of the table – perfect for conference calls. 

Note: many tables come with the option to add cable holes in the boardroom tables for this exact reason. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with you. 


Where would we be without wifi these days? If you’re regularly inviting external participants, make sure to have the wifi password easily accessible to avoid any delays in the meeting. 

Wall accessories

We love a brainstorming session around our Brunel Glass Board; nothing beats scribbling down your ideas and having the freedom to rub out and redo as many times as you like.

Refreshments and water

As previously mentioned, providing a suitable place for refreshments or a water cooler is a must, especially for those long meetings. Keep the participants focused by providing easily accessible snacks and drinks to avoid a mass walkout when they experience the afternoon lull. 

Optional extras 

Hate when you notice people fidgeting in your meetings? We’ve got the perfect solution, introduce a box of gadgets that are perfect to fiddle with; not only do they help the user focus on what is most important, but they also stop the head of the meeting from getting distracted by the more obvious fidgeting. 

When decorating the boardroom, most companies tend to take a simplistic approach. After all, the point of the boardroom is to conduct efficient meetings. However, just putting a table and chairs into an empty room can be detrimental to the outcome of a session. Instead, focus on ensuring you provide the attendants with anything they may need for a more successful meeting. Everyone knows that if you go above and beyond for your employees, they are more likely to go above and beyond for you. 

Have a new boardroom project you’re working on? Get in touch today to see how we can help you. 

Paige Allison