The Admirals Desk

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The Admirals Desk

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Inspired by the sea.

As part of our military themed industrial products the Admirals pays homage to the Royal Navy and ship building. With panelled sides suggestive of the decks of Naval ships this desk is both imposing and empowering.

Design and construction.

The industrial design is symbolic of Naval ships and the power of the highest ranking Naval officer. With a panelled front and sides full privacy is provided making this a great reception desk or outward facing managerial desk. The top frame is fabricated from 40x40mm angle Iron whilst the base uses box steel to create a powerful and prominent look.

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Steel Vintage admirals desk close up black & white

The badge.

We are proud of our industrial products and so every item that leaves our workshop comes with a hand finished cast Steel Vintage badge as standard. By branding our industrial furniture you too can be proud that you have invested in the best which is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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Steel Vintage badge in black and white

Handmade by craftsmen.

Steel Vintage employee welding
Steel Vintage employee powder coating
Steel Vintage employee welding

Desk sizes. Big, small and everything in between.

Thinking big? Not a problem. All our sizes and styles are scaleable, allowing you to order a piece that is perfect for your requirements. Whether you’re looking for something big and bold or small and subtle, the possibilties for our creations are endless.

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Time to get creative.

Every industrial office desk we make is bespoke. We offer thousands of possible configurations meaning each office desk is totally unique and made exactly the way you want it.

Choose from

  • 6 Desk sizes

  • 4 Metal finishes

  • 4 Wood types

  • 4 Wood styles

  • 10 Wood colours

  • 5 Wood distress levels

  • Steel Vintage light grey option
  • Steel Vintage ebony wood option
  • Steel Vintage dark vintage wood option
  • Steel Vintage dark grey wood option
  • Steel Vintage antique oak option
  • Steel Vintage white wood option
  • Steel Vintage natural wood option
  • Steel Vintage medium oak wood option
  • Steel Vintage medium oak wood option

Assembly details.

All of our office desks come with detachable legs as standard. There are 6 x M8 bolts that attach each leg to the frame using the supplied 5mm Hex key. The cable tray and privacy panel also bolt to the main frame.

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Steel Vintage handmade in England badge
Steel Vintage 10 year guarantee badge
Steel Vintage carbon neutral badge
Steel Vintage 100% sustainable timber badge
Steel Vintage animal cruelty badge
Steel Vintage customer product in situ
Steel Vintage customer product in situ

"I received the desk, and it is simply amazing. I’ve spent the last nine years working on a tiny hand me down desk. This is a very welcome change! Thank you all so much for creating such a beautiful product. I just love looking at it."

CharlieAlabama, US

"This looks amazing Jon and will certainly make the office look unique."

Looay, Kubix MediaBirmingham