24th May 2017

Industrial Office Desks: Your Questions Answered

Steel Vintage Blog - Industrial Office Desks: Your Questions Answered

Are you a workaholic? You’re not alone. Nowadays we spend almost as much time in the office as we do at home, so it makes sense to style up your office in the same way you would your house. Recent studies have been done into workplace environments and found that there are countless benefits of working in a visually appealing setting, so it’s clearly all the more important for company directors to invest in pieces that will transform office

and work spaces into a place that employees love to spend their days in.
Is this a realistic aim? Quite simply – yes. Whilst we can’t all afford the swanky perks of a Google office or Facebook’s HQ, it’s always possible to start small, no matter your business. Good-looking furniture, as well as being functional, is great for providing an insight into the type of company you are and the people that work there. Spacious and stylish furniture, just like the desks we design here at Steel Vintage, gives you a chance to impress those who step through the front door and also motivates a team to work harder in an environment that is pleasing on the eye.

But how do you go about turning your working space into a productive paradise?

Well, it all starts with the furniture. As we’ve found here at Steel Vintage whenever we supply furniture for offices, if you get your desks right, everything else tends to fall into place. On a basic level, quality office desks are a great way of showing that a company appreciates its employees. Our desks are spacious and well-built, allowing your team to enjoy plenty of room to get on with their work in peace and quiet.

But what’s so special about an industrial-style desk?

One of the questions we get most often here in the Steel Vintage workshop is whether industrial-style pieces can be styled to fit within a more classic environment. We’re quick to put these fears to rest! Whilst it’s easy to assume that industrial furniture will look overbearing and harsh particularly within a corporate setting, this simply isn’t the case. Our desks are designed to work beautifully within all sorts of environments, and we have plenty for our customers to choose from. Can’t see your dream desk in our stock list? Not a problem. We provide a bespoke service for those who want something new, and are more than happy to design a completely new piece for anyone who has a specific idea in mind.

Will my desk be built to last?

Contemporary and striking, our desks are not your standard DIY job from the likes of the large retailers. Whilst today’s furniture market is saturated with items made from disposable materials, industrial furniture is intentionally designed to withstand prolonged commercial use; it is industrial, after all! Our military-inspired desks such as The Admiral or The Commodore are built from heavy gauge industrial mild steel and topped with the finest wooden tops – oak, walnut or pine. Perfect for those looking for something a little bit different in their office, as you’d be hard-pressed to find a more durable desk on the UK market.

And when you’ve finished kitting out your office space, what next?

Well, why not continue with your industrial theme and go for one of our stunning high tables in your kitchen or breakout space? Ideal for those busy meeting rooms, our tables have been bought by large corporate firms and small cafes alike. There’s been a boom in this industrial style for trendy restaurants and office spaces recently – and we’re all for it!
Churchill once said: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” And what better way to shape up your building – whether office or home – than with furniture that truly makes a statement? If you’ve got some ideas for a desk and think Steel Vintage could be the ones to make it for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vintage industrial furniture, we’re sure that we can help you out.

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Jon Ball