Copyright Notice

Important Notice Regarding Copyright Infringement

At Steel Vintage, we hold our creative work and intellectual property in the highest regard. We invest significant time, resources, and passion into developing unique furniture designs and crafting an exceptional online presence. Therefore, any unauthorised use of our intellectual property will be met with swift and decisive action.

Theft of Intellectual Property:

Copying, replicating, or reproducing our furniture designs, website content, or any other creative works without explicit permission is considered theft. It devalues the innovative efforts of our team and undermines the integrity of our brand.

Our Stance on Copyright Infringement:

We understand the allure of our designs and the temptation to imitate them. However, we want to make our position unequivocally clear: we will vigorously protect our intellectual property rights through all available legal means.

Our Process for Dealing with Copyright Infringement:

  1. Initial Contact: Upon discovering any infringement, we will first reach out directly to the offending party via email with a formal Cease and Desist notice. We demand the immediate cessation of the infringement and the removal of all infringing content from online platforms.

  2. Legal Action: Should the infringing party fail to comply with our initial request, we will escalate the matter to our litigation solicitors to pursue legal action. This may result in substantial legal costs and damages.

International Copyright Infringement:

Geographical boundaries will not shield violators from legal consequences. We are prepared to work with legal representatives worldwide to enforce our rights under international copyright laws.

Our Advice to Competitors:

We encourage healthy competition and the exploration of one's creative potential. Rather than resorting to plagiarism, we urge fellow designers and manufacturers to find inspiration ethically and develop their own original concepts.

Final Thoughts:

Innovation thrives when each individual contributes their unique perspective and talents. Let us celebrate originality and respect the creative endeavors of one another. Together, we can foster a vibrant and dynamic industry built on integrity and mutual respect.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Steel Vintage