By its very nature, industrial style furniture is arguably excessively over-engineered for modern-day use in both homes and offices. All of the materials used to create our furniture are of the highest quality including thick solid timbers and industrial-grade steel. When we design and make a piece of furniture we want it to be used and admired on this planet for as long as possible. When we sell you a dining table we don’t ever expect you to come back and buy another one with the first one ending up in a landfill.

By focusing on making furniture built to last generations we are confident that both the craftsmanship and raw materials are fit for purpose.

Our guarantee is that all of our products will be free from defects including faulty welding, faulty fixings, faulty timber jointing and general substandard craftsmanship for a minimum of 10 years. If you find that a weld breaks, bolt snaps or that your wooden tabletop falls apart (not only will we be extremely surprised) we will of course make full repairs or replace the item.


Obviously, like any manufacturers guarantee, there are some exclusions that we can unfortunately not cover including normal wear and tear, accidents, abuse, neglect and damage from improper use, care or storage.

For clarity we will list specific exclusions below;


We only use solid real woods such as Oak, Walnut and Pine. All of our wood is kiln dried so is guaranteed free from rot and infestation. Wood is a natural material and will always, regardless of any coating, acclimatise to its surroundings. All wood leaves our workshop with a moisture content that is acceptable for indoor furniture (typically 6-11% depending on the time of year). If wood is subject to significant changes in moisture content, caused by fluctuations in relative humidity of the surrounding air, then faults such as distortion, cracking, splitting, dimensional movement and general deterioration can occur. These faults are completely natural and so cannot be covered under guarantee.

Wood finishes

All of our wooden products are coated with Danish oil. This offers a very good level of protection (far superior to wax) from both heat and moisture however the oil does not 100% seal the surface. The oil allows the timber to breathe naturally making the finish feel beautifully tactile and natural (unlike varnish or commercial lacquers). An oiled finish does need to be periodically maintained by applying additional coats to keep the wood saturated. This may be 1-4 times per year depending on the usage and environment. The guarantee does not cover the efficiency of the coating and so we would strongly advise taking great care with your furniture. Where possible ensure all hard objects such as computers have protective pads and use coasters and placemats as crockery can easily scratch the surface. An advantage of an oiled surface is that repairs can more easily be made than a varnished/lacquered finish. It is advised to seek professional help if any repairs are required.

Metal finishes

All of our steel has a minimum thickness of 1.5mm ranging up to 10mm. This is far above the industry standard for sheet metal furniture. The best possible protective finish for mild steel is powder coating which is why all of our metalwork is professionally coated with high-quality commercial-grade powder and then baked at 180 degrees to cure. This process is far superior to lacquer from an aerosol can or wax (which a lot of other companies use). Even a durable coating can get damaged from scratching and so once the coating has gone back to the bare metal it is possible for rust to form. Our guarantee, therefore, does not cover any rust or patination that may form due to damage to the coating. All of our steel products are advertised as ‘Raw polished’ (unless stated otherwise) and so will have natural imperfections such as surface patination (caused by the original steel manufacturing process) and minor blemishes such as rust, scratches or watermarks. This is all considered part of the ‘Industrial’ look of our products and so is not covered under guarantee.


If you purchase glass either as a standard feature of the design or an optional extra it will come from a third party supplier. It is checked for imperfections such as chips and scratches before delivery and should also be checked by yourselves when we deliver. All glass is toughened and will be marked by the manufacture to comply with UK law. Typically this is on the edge of the glass when the thickness is 6mm or over. The guarantee does not cover any damage caused after delivery. It is advised to use measures to protect the glass from accidental damage.


All upholstered products are outsourced to trusted third party suppliers. We offer a 5-year guarantee on craftsmanship which includes sewing, glueing and stapling. All fabrics used have a guarantee as per the original manufacturer’s terms. Please contact us for specific information regarding the fabric used for your items. General wear is expected and not covered as is accidental damage or fading.

Moving parts

Components such as drawer runners, hinges, adjustable feet and locks which are not manufactured by Steel Vintage are excluded from our normal 10-year guarantee. If any of these components fail within the first 12 months then we will arrange for them to be replaced. We only use the best quality components and so would expect them to last the lifetime of the product however moving parts can fail due to improper or excessive use. Please contact us if you require specific information regarding the original manufacturers guarantee on their components.


Due to the high value of our products, it is always advisable to make sure your insurance policy sufficiently covers your new furniture for both theft and accidental damage.