The Workshop

At the heart of any great furniture company is the workshop. The place where the magic happens. Ideas are turned into reality and countless hours are spent developing new products.

At Steel Vintage we have invested heavily not only in our production facility but also into the team that run it. We choose to do as much as we can in-house from our modern 4000 sq ft workshop. This includes fabrication and welding, metal polishing, powder coating, joinery, wood finishing, assembly and dispatch. By keeping all of these processes under one roof we ensure that they are completed to the highest standard.

We use a specialised ERP software that allows us to carry out multiple quality checks throughout the production process. This allows us to spot any potential errors and put them right before an item leaves our workshop.

Within our metalwork department we have three welding bays meaning we can handle any volume of work. Along with welding we are fully equipped with cutting, drilling, tapping and finishing machinery.

Our metal finishing department centres around an industry leading Gema powder coating system plus a Gallito water wash spray booth and oven capable of handling items up to 4500 x 2000mm. Powder coating is far superior to wet paint ensuring a durable and high quality finish.

The woodworking department focuses on precise cutting, sawing, drilling and sanding along with skilled router work.

Our assembly team bring everything together utilising a fully stocked store of components and fixings along with precise assembly benches.

Once the finished items are checked and approved for delivery all items are carefully wrapped and stored ready for dispatch.

To support our in-house facility we have built strong working relationships with a number of local suppliers. All of our timber comes from a family run mill in Bristol that has been operating since the 1800s. Our long running partnership means we can rely on them to source and supply high quality timber. We also work closely with another Bristol based family business who provide all of our laser cut and folded sheet metal components. By keeping our network of suppliers local we help to reduce our impact on the environment.